If you suffer from migraines you’ll know what I was going through early this morning.
I had a bad nights sleep due to back pain. It got so bad that I couldn’t breathe properly, no matter how many times I changed position. I ended up coming downstairs and lying on the sofa.
After about another hours sleep, a migraine took hold and by this time, Ant was getting up ready to start the morning.
I ended up sat in the chair, resting my head on a pillow and keeping my eyes closed because the light caused horrible pain.
My head was thumping and I really wanted to cry but I knew if I did, it would hurt more.
I took some pain tablets and rested while my wonderful family got on with the morning routine without me; very quietly I have to add!

Eye Mask

Ella fetched me an eye mask so they could switch the light on and all of my children gave me hugs and kisses and said they hoped I’d be better soon 🙂
I felt a little nauseous mid-morning, which is not a usual symptom for me so I was expecting to have the head pain all day, however, the thumping eased off a little and by lunchtime (after a few more tablets) it started to get easier to move around. It hasn’t gone completely and it probably won’t until I get some sleep but at least I didn’t have to lie down all day.
It’s starting to get worse again now because I’m shattered so I’ll be having an early night tonight.

No Energy

One of the worse things I hate about migraines is the way it zaps your energy. I’ve hardly done anything today; I filled the dishwasher, did a few loads of laundry, made dinner and that’s about it. I did try to get out in the garden but bending isn’t good for head pain so I gave up and came back in.

Hopefully, it’ll be gone in the morning and I can get all the cleaning done that I was meaning to do today.

I’m very thankful for my wonderful hubby and children. They always look after me so well when I’m ill. I love them all more than I can say 🙂

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