Cheeky monkey

The following is a conversation I had with my lovely son, Aiden (11) tonight while I was making dinner.

Me: Aid, I got KayCee’s and Ella’s lunches mixed up today. KayCee ended up with pate and cheese slices. The 2 things she doesn’t like!

Aiden: Muuuummmm, not again! *grins*

Me: *smiles* I don’t know how it happened. She went to swap sandwiches with Ella but Ella had eaten the ham ones already.

Aiden: Oh no, did KayCee get lunch?

Me: Yeah, her teacher sorted her out. *unpacking Kaycee’s lunch bag* Oh well, Ella can have these when she comes home from nursery tomorrow. She doesn’t stay for lunch on Wednesdays so I don’t need to make her a packed lunch in the morning.

Aiden: You don’t need to make me one either remember because I’m having a hot lunch tomorrow with the visitors that are coming to school.

Me: So I only need to make one lunch in the morning then 🙂

Aiden: *totally straight faced* Well at least you won’t be able to get it wrong.

Me: *laughing out loud* Oi, you cheeky monkey!!!

Aiden: *indignant look* What???…………..oh right, yeah!! *laughs*

I love my boy 😀

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  1. Oliver Newton-Pierson 28th September 2016 at 1:28 pm

    Good meme

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