Slimming World Chocolate Marshmallow Treats


We’re having an early Christmas taster session at Slimming World tomorrow. I was going to make little Grinch fruit kabobs…..

but after eating so much fruit this week I couldn’t face anymore! I wanted something that felt a bit naughty but didn’t have too many syns so I dipped some marshmallows in chocolate and decorated with white chocolate stars.

The bar of chocolate I used was 27 syns for the 100g bar. I used half a tub of chocolate stars, which worked out at 5.5 syns and each marshmallow (200g bag  Tesco Marshmallows) was 1 syn. I used 42 marshmallows so the syn value for the whole lot was 74.5.
This made them a little over 1.5 syns each so I rounded up to 2 syns to be on the safe side!




My problem now is that they’re in the fridge, ready for morning but they’re calling to me!
I’ve been totally on track this week so I can’t give in and ruin it all the day before weigh in, that would just be daft so I’m going to be strong and resist! 😀

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  1. Ant

    14th October 2014 at 3:53 pm

    I think they're calling to me, too.

    1. shelllouise

      14th October 2014 at 4:00 pm

      Hands off, I've counted them! 😛

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