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Our Halloween Photos 2018

This year KayCee organised a Halloween party for her friends while Ella went Trick Or Treating with her friend and her friend’s older sister.
By all accounts, they both really enjoyed the night and I’m here to share a few of the Halloween photos they took; they didn’t get many photos because I think everyone was having too much fun to remember to take them!

Halloween Photos 2018

Halloween photos 2018 - KayCee and her friends at her Halloween party

KayCee's friends at her Halloween party

KayCee's Deathly Hallows pumpkin
KayCee’s Deathly Hallows pumpkin – she scooped out the middle and got it ready to carve but ran out of time so had to turn to her dad for help!
Ella's Harry Potter pumpkin
Ella’s Harry Potter pumpkin – she also got help from dad!

Halloween Photos 2017

Chocolate Apple Slices

chocolate apple slices

These chocolate apple slices are a great addition to a Halloween buffet. They’re great because they’re not too big. Chocolate-dipped apples or toffee apples can often be too much for a child, especially if there are lots of other goodies on offer.

Chocolate Apple Slices

You’ve probably seen me mention once or twice, our abundance of apples this year. I’m trying every which way I can to get them used up!


Each apple makes about 3 slices, depending on the size of the apple. We used 250g of milk chocolate to make 6 apple slices

  • 2 Eating Apples
  • 250g milk chocolate
  • Halloween sprinkles
  • Lolly sticks
  • Baking sheet lined non-stick parchment


  1. Cut the apples into 3-4 slices. Slice the rounded ends of the 2 end pieces and discard so all the slices have 2 flat sides.
  2. Break the chocolate into pieces and melt. You can do this by placing the bowl over a pan of boiling water, ensuring the bottom of the bowl doesn’t touch the water or by microwaving. If you microwave the chocolate it’s best to check it every 20 seconds or so as it can easily burn.
  3. Insert a lolly stick into each apple slice and dip into the melted chocolate.
  4. Place on the baking sheet.
  5. Continue until all the slices have been dipped.
  6. Sprinkle the Halloween sprinkles over the chocolate apple slices and refrigerate until the chocolate has set.

I’m taking part in Blogtober18 with Mandi at Big Family Organised Chaos

Apple Recipes

Mummy Pizza Pies – Fun Food For Halloween

I was going to write a recipe for these mummy pizza pies. Then I came across an excellent one that was already on Eats Amazing so instead, I got Ant to make them for dinner the other night using the Eats Amazing recipe 🙂

Mummy Pizza Pies

Here are a couple of our Pizza Pies. They all thought they were delicious and I reckon we’ll be making them again soon; especially seeing as I couldn’t try them because of my diet!

Mummy Pizza Pies

For more fun Halloween food ideas, check out my Pinterest board.

I’m taking part in Blogtober18 with Mandi at Big Family Organised Chaos

Pumpkin Carving Design Ideas

They always look so easy to do, but when you actually start to carve a pumpkin you realise you were kidding yourself and they’re not easy at all! We’ve tried a few different pumpkin carving designs over the years but inevitably we go back to good old triangles for the eyes and nose and a jagged mouth.

Mind you, we did manage a couple of different designs in 2016, but it wasn’t all plain sailing!

Halloween pumpkin carving
Kaycee Halloween pumpkin carving

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

I really want to try carving a better design in one of our pumpkins this year so I’ve been checking out designs on Pinterest.

I love this cannibalistic pumpkin and what’s more, there’s an excellent tutorial to show us how to do it.

This tutorial from The Telegraph has links to pumpkin carving design templates.

If you have a pumpkin design you’re proud of, please feel free to share a link in the comments 🙂

I’m taking part in Blogtober18 with Mandi at Big Family Organised Chaos

HomeSense Halloween 2017

Last year Ella was very excited when we had to go to HomeSense to check out their Halloween products.
We pulled up at HomeSense yesterday and I told her we were there again for the same reason. She immediately asked her dad if she could borrow his phone so she could take photos for my blog! We always enjoy looking at the HomeSense Halloween stock; they always have such lovely stuff. My favourite is definitely this cute little ghost 🙂

Ghosts and Witches and Dracula and Skeletons!

Ghost ornament at HomeSense Halloween
Photo taken by Ella



HomeSense Halloween - skeleton in a cape with a gravestone saying you're next

You can serve punch in his head!

HomeSense Halloween - monster with a hole in the head for serving punch

I’d keep this out all year, it’s so pretty!

HomeSense Halloween - skull decorated with flowers and wearing a top hat

Ella’s in her element!

HomeSense Halloween - headstone saying BARRIED D. ALIVE
Taken by Ella. She thought this was quite funny!

HomeSense Halloween - Ella HomeSense Halloween - decorated skull HomeSense Halloween - Dracula with hole in his head for serving punch HomeSense Halloween - witch HomeSense Halloween - skeleton

HomeSense Halloween

HomeSense Halloween


Halloween Plans – Party In The Grotto!

Halloween Plans

We went shopping to B&M at the weekend. I was looking for storage boxes for Kaycee’s and Ella’s new wardrobes. There were none to be found but the Kaycee and Ella soon found the Halloween aisle! Ant had mentioned that we might be able to have a Halloween party this year. He suggested we could decorate the new patio area, (henceforth known as the grotto!) now the roof is done.
This sent the girls into a tizzy of excitement and they started on the Halloween plans while we were walking round the shops!
Ella asked if she could use my phone so she could take photos of the things they want. She took A LOT of photos.

These are just a few of them 🙂

Ella posing - Halloween plans Frankenstein decoration - Halloween plans Spider decoration - Halloween plans Ghost decoration - Halloween plans Trick or treat bucket - Halloween plans Skeleton in a cage decoration - Halloween plans Skull glass - Halloween plans LED candle - Halloween plans

We didn’t buy anything for Halloween at B&M but we stopped off at Poundworld on the way back and bought loads of stuff.
Instead of a small party/buffet type thing that was in my head, the girls have planned for something much bigger! I’m actually looking forward to seeing what they come up with; we’ll be leaving all the preparations to them 🙂

Finally, the last day of October…Happy Halloween!

October 31st – Happy Halloween!!

It’s Ella’s favourite holiday. She’s been looking forward to it since September started. She’s really happy that it’s finally the last day of October!
Her costume is all ready for going Trick or Treating with some friends later. She’s very excited.

October 31st Happy Halloween

Woohooo I did it! A whole month of blog posts. I’ve really enjoyed taking part this month. I’ve found some great new blogs thanks to Hex Mum. This has been a great linky and I’ll be sure to join in if you run it again next year 🙂

Happy Halloween everyone. Have a fun and safe evening.

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