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Halloween Goodies at Homesense

Halloween Goodies at Homesense

It’s fair to say Halloween is Ella’s favourite holiday. She’s obsessed with Halloween the way I am with Christmas. When HomeSense got in touch and asked if we’d like a gift card so we could go and buy some Halloween goodies, she got super excited!
We all love shopping at HomeSense and while Ella was Halloween shopping, Ant was upstairs looking for a new knife. He found one but he can’t have it until his birthday next month!

Halloween goodies at Homesense

Halloween goodies at Homesense

Halloween goodies at Homesense

Halloween goodies at Homesense

Halloween goodies at Homesense

Halloween goodies at Homesense

She was spoilt for choice which meant it took a while for her to choose! In the end, she opted for some decorations that she can use every year. She also bought a plastic tumbler with some sweets inside. It was only £1.99 which we thought was an excellent price 🙂

Halloween goodies at Homesense

She bought some black sparkly pumpkins for £3.99 each

Halloween goodies at Homesense

And a skull candle holder for £9.99

Halloween goodies at Homesense

Thanks, HomeSense, for making Ella’s day 🙂

Ella Loves Halloween – homemade luminary jars

Ella loves Halloween

Ella loves Halloween and is going to Asda later with her sister to pick her costume. She doesn’t want to be a witch again. She said she’s always a witch and she’s bored of them now! She’s still not sure what she actually does want to be yet. Looks like I’ll be in for a surprise when she gets home later!

This week she’s been using some Douwe Egberts jars that her dad saved and she made a skeleton, pumpkin, and Frankenstein luminary jars.

Ella loves Halloween

Ella loves Halloween

Ella loves Halloween

Unfortunately, Halloween falls on a school day this year so we won’t be able to do everything Ella wants to do but I am going to do a Halloween themed dinner for her 🙂

Halloween garland #BostikBloggers

Halloween garland

Halloween garland

Ella took the reigns when it came to this month’s Bostik blogger’s craft challenge. Halloween is her favourite holiday. She loves it as much as I love Christmas and she starts planning her Halloween costume at the start of September!

She decided to make a Halloween garland with hanging ghosts.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Halloween paper chains
White paper or card
Halloween ribbons
Sticky dots
Glue stick

Halloween garland
The girls decided not to use the spiders!


Make the paper chains (if yours aren’t pre-glued, use sticky dots) and set aside

Draw some ghosts on the white paper or card and decorate with the glitter

Cut out the ghosts and make a hole at the top of each one. Thread a ribbon through each ghost and tie them onto the paper chain garland, or use sticky dots to stick the two sides of each ribbon together when its been put through a chain link.


Halloween garland

Halloween garland

Halloween garland

Halloween garland

Halloween garland

Halloween garland

Halloween garland tutorial in association with Bostik, Tots 100 and Craft Merrily

More Halloween Crafts

Halloween Crafts

All these Halloween crafts are made using recycled items, things you can find in the home/garden or from charity shops/jumble sales 🙂

Click the pictures to be taken to the tutorials.

Painted Rocks

Halloween painted rocks - Halloween crafts
An easy, fun craft for all ages

Toilet Paper Mummy Wreath

 I always think about making a wreath but never get round to it. This one looks really easy and I reckon we’ve probably already got everything needed

DIY Sock Pumpkins

I love the look of these sock pumpkins. Unfortunately, we’re not really a sock wearing family so I’d have to buy some especially to make these!

Light Cover Ghosts

These probably aren’t a great for little ones because they’re made from glass light covers but they’re simple and effective for an adult to make 🙂

Sidewalk Lanterns

These sidewalk lanterns are easy and safe for young children to make as they’re made from plastic cups and tissue paper.

Ghost Garland Lights

This is a great idea for transforming a plain set of string lights 🙂
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Halloween paper crafts for kids – Bats, Pumpkins & Cats

Paper spiderwebs
Image credit – This Heart of Mine

The girls LOVE Halloween, Ella especially. She’s put a countdown app on my phone and tells me every day how long we have left until Halloween 🙂

We’ll be on holiday in a caravan for the last week of October so I thought it would be nice to find some easy Halloween paper crafts that we can do to decorate the caravan while we’re there.
Click the pictures below to be taken to tutorials.

Toilet Roll Moster Tubes

Toilet roll tube monsters - Halloween paper crafts
Anything that uses the hundreds of toilet roll tubes we accumulate is good for me! These monsters are perfect for little ones to make 🙂

Paper plate cat


Paper plate cat - Halloween paper crafts
Easy black cat made from a paper plate

Paper pumpkin decorations

Paper pumpkins - Halloween paper crafts
I love these pumpkin decorations. So simple but effective.


Paper spider webs

Paper spider webs - Halloween paper crafts
You have to have spider webs on Halloween, don’t you?!

Toilet roll tube bats


Paper bats made from toilet roll tubes - Halloween paper crafts
Again, more uses for toilet roll tubes. I love these bats 🙂
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Happy Halloween :)

Happy Halloween – It’s a quiet one for me tonight. The kids are in Derbyshire and the girls are going to a Halloween party with my best friend.



Happy Halloween - KayCee in her halloween costume


Ella in her Halloween costume

Aiden’s not bothering with Halloween at all. He’d rather sit and play on his computer than go out in the cold!

I’m happy that I haven’t got to go trick or treating tonight because I started with a horrible cold a couple of nights ago.
Ant’s bringing some Beecham’s powders and Hall’s lozenges home for me which I’m hoping will help soothe my sore throat and make my head feel less icky.

I hope whatever you’re all doing for Halloween, you have a wonderful time 🙂

Ghostwatch – 21 years later

Halloween 1992
I was 16 and I was at my aunt and uncles babysitting for the evening while they were at work. I was looking after my cousin, Ashley, who was about a year old. He was already in bed when I arrived so I settled in front of the tv, looking forward to watching something scary seeing as it was Halloween.Little did I know that the program I watched that night would still have an effect on me 21 years later!

I, like many people that night, had no idea that Ghostwatch wasn’t being filmed live; it was advertised as a documentary and Michael Parkinson was presenting it so there was no reason to doubt that it wasn’t real.
Sarah Greene and Craig Charles were at the ‘haunted council house in London’ and in the studio, Michael Parkinson and Mike Smith were joined by an expert in parapsychology.
Viewers could phone in to the studio and reports started coming in of ghostly goings on across the country

As the program went on and got scarier and scarier I started hoping against hope that Ashley didn’t wake up because I didn’t think I’d have the courage to go upstairs by myself to see to him!

I love scary movies and always had but nothing I’d watched before had ever made me feel this scared. I remember a point in the show where the camera was filming each room as the camera person walked past doors and suddenly you caught a glimpse of a figure standing in the bedroom. The camera carried on but then shot back as the camera person realised something had been in the room but when it went back to the room, there was nothing there.

At that very moment, when my insides felt like ice and fear had gripped me, the glass door on the corner unit swung open and frightened the living daylights out of me!

I remember the feeling of anger when the credits rolled at the end and I realised it had all been acted. I felt stupid for believing it and angry that I’d got so scared when it wasn’t real.
Obviously I calmed down and when my auntie Tracy got home from work I told her all about it and she thought it was hilarious!

There was uproar in the press for a while afterwards and it was banned from being shown again.

I found myself being too scared to walk past open bedroom doors at night if the light was off inside the room. I’d imagine the ghost, Pipes, was standing just inside, watching me and when I went to bed I’d have to close the other bedroom doors.
I still have to do that to this day. Ant likes to leave Aiden’s, Kaycee’s and Ella’s bedroom doors open at night when they’re away in Derbyshire but when I go to bed (I usually go later than Ant) I have to close them otherwise I’d never be able to go to the toilet in the middle of the night and I always have to go to the toilet in the middle of the night!

I’ve added the dvd to my wishlist on Amazon; it’ll be interesting to watch it through the eyes of an adult!

How about you….did you watch it? Did it scare the bejeezus out of you like it did me?!


The girls ran upstairs to get their Halloween costumes on as soon as they got home from school. Excitement was at an all time high and they both found it very difficult to sit still and have their faces painted.

Ella went first. She’s a fan of pink so it didn’t surprise me when she wanted a witch design using pink!



KayCee chose a different design but still wanted pink and black 🙂




They all carved their pumpkins the night before and KayCee arranged them in window. Both girls decorated the windows with Halloween themed cut outs.
We usually decorate properly and have a Halloween tea but I wasn’t as organised this year what with only just getting back off holiday then being laid up for most of the day on Sunday with a severe migraine.

They always enjoy doing the pumpkins but Ella started to get a bit fed up when scooping out the insides took so long!



I love seeing the pumpkins all lit up at night 🙂


Aiden’s pumpkin


Ella’s pumpkin


KayCee’s pumpkin

We had loads of trick or treaters and KayCee handed out a full tin of Roses and half a tin of Celebrations that we’d bought for Christmas (see, told you I wasn’t very organised….I forgot to get Halloween sweets!) so now I have to wait for them to be on offer again so I can replace them!

Even with the lack of decorations and spooky food, we all enjoyed our Halloween. Hope you all had a great night 🙂

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