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89 Days to Christmas

It’s time to start looking for stocking fillers now while they’re still relatively cheap.
I’ve ordered some Lindt chocolate reindeers today from Tesco as part of my grocery delivery because they’re on offer for 50p each.
Tesco have quite a few Christmas chocolates and goodies on offer already so it’s worth stocking up and saving money 🙂


90 Days to Christmas

I’ve decided to make some of my Christmas gifts so today’s tip is for me.
I need to decide on the final gift ideas and work towards purchasing all the parts needed.
I’ve been scouring the web and nothing has jumped out at me yet so if you know of some great craft sites, please feel free to share!

Do you make your own gifts to give out at Christmas? Do you find it more satisfying knowing you’ve taken time and effort over your gifts rather than picking something from a shop just so you have something to give?

I’ve always liked the idea of giving homemade gifts but every time we’ve tried, they’ve never looked as nice as they do in the photos on the site!
Hopefully, this year, we’ll find something that looks stunning, doesn’t cost the earth and is fun to make!

92 Days to Christmas

Oooh today’s tip sounds good…..go shopping! :o)
I then read further…..go shopping…at home. Not so much fun I first thought,
but then thinking about it in more detail, I’m going to enjoy making lists of everything I’ve got so far, matching person to present that’s already bought and listing what supplies I’m going to need when I go ‘proper’ shopping!
Only problem I foresee is that most of my supplies are in the loft and I have to get Ant to fetch things down for me. He’ll be reading this so he’ll now know that a trip to loft is imminent!
Sorry darling….and I do mean that before you ask! xx
Check the site for the full article by clicking the button at the top of the post 🙂

93 Days to Christmas

I have my gift closet set up already, although it’s the space on the top of the wardrobe, not a closet and this is the first year it’s not brimming over with bargains picked up through out the year.
I’ve been a bit relaxed about Christmas organisation this year, which is another reason why I’m setting myself the challenge to spend half as much as I usually do. Because I haven’t been spreading the cost over the year, it has the potential to become even more expensive so I’m being strict with myself.
I WILL NOT let Christmas take over my rational thoughts.
I will enjoy the whole holiday season, including all the planning, which, lets face it, is one of my favourite parts but I WILL do it within budget.
There, I feel better and stronger the more I say it!
93 days people…..only 93!

94 Days to Christmas

I’m not going to be able to use the print out from today’s tip. It’s a gift ideas planner and the point of it is to play close attention to friends and family and note things like sizes, colours and preferences.

We don’t live near any of my family and only live close to a small amount of Ant’s family so I can’t really take note of anything when I only see them all a few times a year!

It’s a good idea though and I’d definately use it if I lived closer to everyone.
As it is, I’ll steer clear of presents that I need to know specifics for, such as clothes. I like my presents to be surprises so I stay away from having to ask any questions that could give it away!

95 Days to Christmas

Today’s task is to create a master gift list.
Mine’s already done. I just copied the page on my spreadsheet from last year, and the year before, and the year before that!
I kept the gift lists from the past three years so I don’t give any duplicate gifts 🙂
The fun part now is doing lots of surfing to find just the right gift for each person!

96 Days to Christmas

It’s time to focus on family values and remember what’s important at Christmas.
I, like nearly everyone, I assume, spend too much at Christmas. Things that seem hugely important and a must have, before the day, pale into insignificance afterwards and I usually start wishing I hadn’t spent so much.

I’m on a mission this year to spend as little as possible, while still having a wonderful time with my husband and children.

When I was looking for things to do for our 2 week activity plan in the summer, I realised how much money had been wasted last Christmas.
I bought the kids loads of presents because I remember the feeling, when I was a child, of opening the door and seeing the huge pile. I want them to feel the same every year but instead of buying expensive presents that get forgotten about and left in the toy box for the rest of the year, I’m going to buy lots of cheap presents that need us to help/play with them so they get a huge pile and we get to spend some lovely time together 🙂

I’m also going to be looking for the perfect home made gift for family members, that looks professional and costs as little as possible!

If you have any ideas, please feel free to share 🙂

97 Days to Christmas

My holiday planning centre is in my bedroom. I use boxes on the top of the wardrobe to keep the presents in as I buy them and I use the bed to do all the wrapping 🙂
I’ve not been as organised this year as I usually am but I have a few presents stashed away up there,
I need to check my spreadsheet to see what gift wrapping items I put away when I bought sale items in January. I seem to remember I got some bargains and I don’t think I need to buy cards this year.
I do need to stock up on sellotape, that I know for sure because kids can not resist sellotape and they’ve nearly used all mine up!
Do you have a designated planning centre?

99/98 Days to Christmas

I missed yesterdays email because it didn’t get to my inbox until late so I’m now checking the site directly. Yesterday’s tip was to make a Christmas Planner.
I like the idea of having a big, ring bound book with a Christmassey decorated cover but in reality, I know I wouldn’t use it daily to get organised because I prefer to type than to use a pen!
So I have my excel sheet all ready to go with a column each for Name, Item, Price and Link to item if I’m buying it online…..who am I kidding, of course I’ll be buying online!

Today’s tip is to plan your budget. We’re on a tight budget this year so I need to find some lovely home made gifts that don’t cost the earth to make.
Sometimes you think making your own is going to be cheaper but when you add up the cost for all the supplies, it can get more expensive so be sure to check out the price per unit if you’re going to make your own.

Check out the 101 Days to Christmas site for helpful links 🙂

100 days to Christmas

Today’s tip from 101 Days to Christmas is to set up a family calendar.

There are some free calendars to print out on the site but I’d rather have my calendar online.
I set up a Christmas calendar on Windows Live Calendar and it can be shared with anyone you choose 🙂

I’m going to add the school dates and planned events I know about already, for instance, we always go to my Mum’s for Boxing Day tea.
Since moving to Lincoln, I miss seeing my family on Christmas Day so we visit every Boxing Day.
Aiden alternates between home and his Dad’s for Christmas. If he’s at home, we take him to his Dad’s on Boxing Day so he can spend the rest of the holidays with him and if he’s at his Dad’s for Christmas, he comes home on Boxing Day.
This year he’s at home 🙂 so we’ll go to tea at my Mum’s with all the family and leave Aiden there when we come home.
The girls may or may not decide to stay. We’ll sort that out at the time!

So my first task to get organised is done and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s email to see what we have to do!

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