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Eggnog Cookies – Countdown To Christmas Cookie Recipes

Welcome to day 2 of my Countdown To Christmas Cookie Recipes. Today’s recipe is for Eggnog Cookies. I have to say that I’ve never tried traditional eggnog. We always have snowball drinks at Christmas which is made from Advocaat but I think Advocaat is different to […]

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Rudolph Gingerbread – Countdown To Christmas Cookie Recipes

Welcome to day 1 of my Countdown To Christmas Cookie Recipes. Today’s recipe is for Rudolph Gingerbread. Everyone loves gingerbread here. KayCee and Ella look forward to making a gingerbread house each at Christmas time, not only is it fun to do, it’s delicious! We all […]

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Countdown To Christmas Cookie Recipes

Welcome to my Countdown To Christmas Cookie Recipes. Starting tomorrow I’ll be posting a daily Christmas cookie recipe until Christmas Eve. Most of these recipes are new to us and we’ve had great fun testing all these recipes and sampling the goodies!

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Christmas Craft Ideas For Children Of All Ages

We’ve rounded up some Christmas craft ideas for children of all ages from the craft advent posts we did a couple of years ago.

KayCee and Ella had great fun making all these crafts and did an excellent job.

You can find links to all of the Countdown To Christmas 24 advent Crafts on my Pinterest board

Christmas Craft Ideas

Paper Plate Angel

Paper plate angel

Cinnamon Dough Tree Ornaments

cinnamon dough tree ornaments

Scrabble Christmas Tree Ornaments

Let it snow Scrabble tree ornament

Toilet Roll Christmas Trees

toilet roll Christmas trees

Embroidered Snowflake Card

embroidered snowflake card

Folded Book Art Christmas Tree

A Christmas carol folded book tutorial

Paper Star Chain

paper star chains - craft ideas

Candy Cane Reindeer

candy cane reindeer

Magic Reindeer Food That’s Kind To Animals + Free Printable

The children have sprinkled magic reindeer food on Christmas Eve for many years. Sometimes we bought it from the school Christmas fair but they much preferred it when they made their own. We’re going to be making bags of reindeer food for the younger cousins […]

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Christmas Traditions To Start With Your Family

Like the song says, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and it’s definitely true for me. I love everything about it, including all the planning and organising that leads up to the big day.
It’s made even more special when you have your own family Christmas traditions. We seem to add a new one each year!

Christmas Traditions

Christmas tree decorations - Christmas traditions

Special Tree Decoration

Buy a special tree decoration for your baby’s first Christmas. Wrap it and add it to the stocking so they can open it on Christmas day and add it to the tree.
Do this every year and when they have their own home, you can package them all up and give them to your child so they can put them on their first Christmas tree in their new home.

Christmas Mug For Hot Chocolate

A few years ago I started buying Aiden, KayCee and Ella a Christmas mug for their Christmas Eve hot chocolate. We now have a great collection of mugs and I’m going to package them up the same as the tree decorations and give them to the children when they have their own home.

Santa's hand picking up a cookie from plate that's next to a mug of hot chocolate with a candy cane sticking out of the top

Decorating For Christmas

We always decorate for Christmas on the first Saturday of December. We put Christmas music on and I put the lights on the tree then Aiden, KayCee and Ella hang all their own tree decorations.
While we’re decorating, Ant makes us all a snowball, well, he makes a very weak one for Ella and none for KayCee because she doesn’t like it!
I always buy chocolate tree decorations, not all of which make it on to the tree 🙂

Different Ways To Countdown Advent

The usual chocolate advent calendar is all well and good but it’s not the only way we count down to the special day.

Christmas storybook advent – I bought 24 Christmas storybooks from the charity shop and wrapped them in Christmas paper. KayCee and Ella take turns to open a story each day and we read it at bedtime.

Activity Advent – Pick 24 different activities and write them on little paper scrolls. Roll them up and tie with Christmas ribbon. Pop them in an empty advent calendar – we have one similar to this felt Santa calendar

Random Acts Of Kindness Calendar – This calendar from Coffee Cups & Crayons has ideas for doing a random act of kindness every day of advent.

Make A Gingerbread House

KayCee and Ella love making gingerbread houses; one year we made them as gifts for family and everyone thought they were great.
We used this recipe from Tesco and it’s now our go-to gingerbread house recipe.

gingerbread houses

Christmas Movie Night

Popcorn, hot chocolate and treats from the Christmas trolley are a must on our family Christmas movie night. We usually watch Elf while snuggling under our Christmas blankets.
We all love movie night and sometimes have more than one!

Christmas Eve Box

Our Christmas Eve boxes usually contain a new pair of PJs, the new hot chocolate mug, some special hot chocolate and a pair of Christmas slippers.
We open our Christmas Eve boxes at night but if you wanted to open yours in the morning, you could put Christmas quiz books, a storybook, Christmas DVD and some chocolate coins in. Your children will have plenty to keep them occupied while you get on with any last minute organising you need to do.

What are your favourite family Christmas traditions?

Debenham’s Christmas Advert 2018

The Debenham’s Christmas advert struck a chord with me this year; I love that feeling you get when you’ve bought someone a gift you know they’re going to adore. I get excited and can’t wait for Christmas to hurry up so I can give them […]

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Marshmallow Snowmen

KayCee and Ella made these marshmallow snowmen for me. Not all of the marshmallows actually made it to snowman status because they were just too yummy and they couldn’t resist them!

They’re great fun to make with young children. You just put 3 marshmallows on a skewer and use writing icing to draw on the snowmen’s features. We used Cake Decor Choco Writers chocolate writing icing. Ella used the red writing icing to add scarves but next time we make them we’re going to use some strawberry fruit winders instead.

marshmallow snowmen

Snowmen Hats

Ella wants to give the snowmen hats next time we make them. She’s going to use small biscuits and a Rolo chocolate to make top hats 🙂

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Waitrose Christmas Adverts

The Waitrose Christmas adverts 2018 made me laugh this year. I love The Concert advert best, it’s very funny! Also, I now want chocolate and cherry mince pies!

Waitrose Christmas Adverts 2018 – The Concert

Waitrose Christmas adverts 2018


Waitrose Christmas Advert 2017
Waitrose Christmas Advert 2016

Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Less Than A Tenner

Secret Santa is a great way to cut down on the number of presents you have to buy. Instead of buying everyone a gift, all participants put their names in a hat and each person picks a name out. They then buy just one gift for their secret Santa partner.

A spending limit is usually set and it’s up to the participants whether they buy nice gifts or funny gifts.

Here’s a mixture of nice and funny gift ideas that all cost less than a tenner 🙂

Secret Santa Gift Ideas


Games For Bored Adults – £4.99

  • A range of funny and competitive games for all occasions.
  • From human buckaroo, the After Eight Challenge and the ultimate cereal killer game.
  • 144 pages of different games for adults to play.

Games for bored adults from

4-in-1 Gadget Pen – £4.99

  • Comes with handy tools.
  • The most tooled up black pen ever.
  • Hexagonal shape prevents rolling away and getting lost.

4-in-1 gadget pen from

Fetch My Keys – Keyfinder – £5.99

  • Talk about being Man’s best friend.
  • Simply whistle, and voila the device beeps.
  • Find your keys quicker than ever.

keyfinder - fetch my keyes from

Grow Your Own Pussycat – £4.99

  • A pet with very little maintenance.
  • This kitty will grow up to 6 times the size.
  • Simply add the tiny cat to water and watch them grow.

Grow your own cat from

Find Me A Gift

Coco Pops Lip Balm – £2.99

  • Featuring a retro Kellogg’s Coco Pops 1970s advertising print
  • Flavour: chocolate lip balm

Coco Pops Lip Balm from Find Me A Gift

Luxury Hot Chocolate Bombs – £6.95

  • A fabulous explosion of chocolatey goodness
  • Filled with mini marshmallows
  • Just add warm milk
  • Contains 3 hot chocolate bombs
  • Not suitable for vegetarians
  • Gluten free

Luxury hot chocolate bombs from Find Me A Gift

Dr Harvey Quant’s Cure For An Untidy Bedroom – £2.99

  • Contains 4 x Muslin bath bags filled with herbs including lavender!
  • Bags can be infused in the water and rubbed onto skin like soap

Dr Harvey Quant's Cure For An Untidy Bedroom from Find Me A Gift

Not On The High Street

World’s Hottest Chilli Powders In A Matchbox – £6.50

This explosive box contains some of the hottest chilli powders ever tested, including current world champion Scorpion Moruga (2,000,000 SHU), a former world hottest Butch T (1,500,000 SHU), the legendary 7 Pot (1,300,000 SHU), and the ten-minute burner Ghost powder (1,000,000 SHU). Each one is beautifully presented in a corked glass bottle.

World's Hottest Chilli Powders In A Matchbox from Not On The High Street

Alcoholic Passion Fruit Mojito Humbug Jar – £6.95

A contemporary twist on an old English favourite! Delicious humbugs made with real white rum and flavoured with passion fruit and lime.

Alcoholic passion fruit humbugs from Not On The High Street

Personalised Secret Santa Mug – £9.85

Personalised Secret Santa mug from Not On The High Street

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