How to boost your creativity with paper-based crafts

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Are you looking for a new hobby in 2024? Perhaps you’re searching for something to spark your creativity, like the 25% of Brits focusing on self-improvement this year. If so, then crafts can be a great way to grow new skills and create fun items to keep, gift or sell!

Paper-based crafts are among the easiest to get started with. Ideas range from simple scrapbooking and cardmaking to complex origami, giving you plenty of scope to explore. And with over 80% of us now concerned about climate change, it’s good to know it’s a sustainable option too.

Below, discover five ways you could get your creative juices flowing with a paper craft.


paper-based crafts - scrapbooking
Image by Jan Kosmowski from Pixabay

Would you like to store your memories somewhere beyond your phone or social media profiles? If so, then scrapbooking could be perfect for you!

With little more than paper, scissors and glue, you can begin creating aesthetically pleasing displays of your favourite activities or interests. Think photographs, tickets, recipes – anything you end up collecting along the way!


Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

Origami could be ideal if you’re looking for something a little more complex. With roots in ancient China and Japan, this iconic art involves folding paper in creative ways until they become finished sculptures.

You could create recognisable shapes such as animals, plants or objects. Alternatively, channel your inner modern artist and go abstract!

Handmade cards

handmade Birthday card

If you get tired of picking from the same card selections for every birthday, Christmas or other event, then making handmade cards might be the craft for you. This way you can create more tailored designs and messages for your loved ones to brighten their day!  

How you decorate the front is up to you of course. You could use simple drawing or painting or go wild and add texture with stick-on materials, for example.

Gift wrap

wooden stamps
Image by Pieternella Busink from Pixabay

Sticking with the theme of giving, creating your own gift wrap helps add an extra personal touch to your birthday or Christmas gifts. Plus you won’t end up with something that can be found in the shops – helping your gifts stand out from the rest!

You can use a stamp technique to customise the paper itself, then go one step further with homemade gift tags.


papier-mache masks - paper-based crafts
Image by izako77 from Pixabay

For something a little different, papier-mâché sets hard overnight to create a host of projects such as party pinatas, bowls and masks. It’s also an extra fun option to get little ones involved with!

You can use almost any old paper you want too, making it a great way of recycling items that would otherwise go to waste. Combine it with paper, plain flour and water and you have your papier-mâché mix!

Have any of these paper crafts piqued your interest? Try your hand and see what you can come up with!

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