Mastering semi-permanent hair colour for dark hair

woman with black hair - mastering semi-permanent hair colour for dark hair
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Darker hair is often more difficult to colour than other shades, which can make choosing the right shade a chore. Semi-permanent treatment might just be the solution you’re looking for.

You can try out as many shades as you want before you land on the right one while keeping your hair nourished. Achieving even and vibrant coverage all from the comfort of your own home has never been easier – better yet, the colour should leave nice and evenly with the proper care, should you change your mind.

Why Go Semi-Permanent?

Semi-permanent hair colour is a healthier alternative to permanent dyes, which can often contain chemicals such as peroxide and ammonia that can damage your hair. Semi-permanent treatments require no developing or pre-mixing for this reason and don’t fundamentally change the structure of the hair shaft. Instead, it layers colour directly over the surface of your hair without altering it.

Treatment only lasts for four to six weeks, which means you can switch to and from any colour you want. It also means you won’t have to wait too long to try something different if you’re not keen on your original choice.

Choosing The Right Shade

There are so many shades out there so choosing the right colour is a big decision, especially when it comes to covering dark hair. It can be harder to achieve the shade you’re looking for if you’re trying to avoid bleaching. Choosing shades that are closer to your natural hair colour or match your skin tone is your best bet.

There are plenty of exciting hair colours for brunettes that can add some depth and warmth to your locks. Tones such as suede mocha and pale walnut can add a beachy, summer vibe to your hair. For those blessed with olive or dark skin, espresso or smoky brown are very flattering.

If you’re looking for something a little more dramatic, subtle highlights or balayage can help you achieve the natural look. Lighter brown highlights with neutral or warm undertones add pockets of shine and depth which enhance the overall look of your hair.

Make The Most Out Of Your Colour

While it is a better option than permanent dye, you’ll still need to do some maintenance if you’re going to keep your hair healthy and colour vibrant. You can achieve both these things by:

  • Wash with cold water – Hot water opens up hair cuticles and allows the colour to leech out and fade. Cold water keeps them closed and your colour vibrant.
  • Shampoo as little as possible – Limit the amount you wash your hair each week because your semi-permanent hair dye will dull with every shampoo.
  • Avoid UV rays – Limiting your exposure to direct sunlight will protect your new colour and keep it brighter for longer.

Hair colouring doesn’t have to be damaging, nor does it need to be a chore to achieve the perfect shade. Whether you fancy enhancing your natural tones or like to regularly experiment with different colours, semi-permanent colouring is the dark horse of the world of hair that can unleash endless possibilities.

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