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Royal guards London
Image by Alfonso Cerezo from Pixabay
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When it comes to tourist appeal, few cities anywhere in the world can match London. There’s more history, culture, and entertainment packed into this part of the country than you could reasonably experience in a single holiday – and, if you’re taking the family, you’ll have plenty of historical attractions to pack into your itinerary.

Best of all, the capital is easily reached, thanks to excellent rail links with the rest of the country. Wherever you are, you’ll be able to reach the centre of London in a matter of hours – without ever having to do any driving.

Historic attractions not to miss

London has witnessed centuries of history. Small wonder, then, that there are so many unique museums, buildings and monuments to explore. But which stands apart from the crowd?

Tower of London

Tower of London
Image by Walter from Pixabay

This place has seen some of history’s most famous events – many of them quite grisly. It was, for a very long time, used as a prison. Nowadays, it’s more famous as the home of the Crown Jewels. Expect to spend around half a day here, with an hourlong queue to see the famous Jewels.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, London
Image by balichaca from Pixabay

This most famous of royal residences is spectacular at every time of day and year. But if you’re here during summer, then you might be able to visit the State rooms after the daily Changing of the Guard, which takes place in the middle of the morning.

Tower Bridge

Tower bridge, London
Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay

This incredible structure came to be in the late Victorian era, after a competition which saw Horace Jones and John Wolfe Barry end up collaborating on the project. It stands now as a monument to British engineering – and you can explore the interior, and look down on the city through glass-floored walkways.

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum, London
Image by Thierry Jové from Pixabay

Arguably the most iconic museum anywhere in the country, thanks largely to the massive diplodocus skeleton that resides just beyond the entrance. This summer, the massive Patagotitan will be on display, giving everyone older than five the chance to have their photo taken next to an enormous dinosaur skull!

The British Museum

The British Museum, London
Image by Hulki Okan Tabak from Pixabay

For those with more of an interest in human history, the British Museum might appeal more. There’s the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon Sculptures, the Assyrian Lion Hunt reliefs, and a bevvy of other significant artefacts to marvel at.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

Big Ben and the houses of parliament
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

One of the most recognisable structures in London is the Palace of Westminster, which encompasses the Houses of Commons and Lords. It’s a must-visit for those with an interest in how the government functions (and malfunctions) – but even if you don’t, there’s the nigh-irresistible appeal of one of the world’s most famous bells: Big Ben.

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