Taking Control of Procrastination

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If you find that you always wait until the last minute to complete a task, you may have an issue with procrastination. However, there are ways that you can lessen this, so you will be able to meet your goals and have a sense of accomplishment. Here are a few ways to take control of your procrastination.


When you procrastinate, it may be for a few minutes at a time or many hours. It is important to note that not all procrastination is negative. In some instances, you may simply need a break or delay working on projects, but still meet your deadlines. On the other hand, if you procrastinate often and are unable to complete tasks on time, you may need to do what you can to limit wasted time.

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Ways to Limit Procrastination

Consider these ways to limit procrastination once you determine it is hindering your productivity. Being unable to focus and finish your work may affect you when you are in school or at your job, so it doesn’t matter how old you are, these tips may be able to make a difference.

Have a Game Plan

One way to lessen the chance of procrastination is to be aware of everything you need to get done. To accomplish this, you should consider what you must finish and when you have to finish it. You can also consider how much time it will take, so you can set aside the proper amount of time to meet your goal.

Itemize Tasks

When you are determining all the things that must be done, it can be handy to write down all the tasks or assignments that are necessary to complete, as well as the steps it will take to realize this. Once you are able to see the work you need to finish on paper, you may be able to take on some of the easier steps first or break work down into manageable sections. In other words, writing everything down could prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

Avoid Common Distractions

You may see benefit from avoiding distractions that typically affect your focus. This means that you might need to keep your phone and other devices away from you when you are doing your best to work on a project. It may also help to stay in a quiet and clean space, so you won’t be distracted and start to fidget. Additionally, you should consider keeping a bottle of water and snacks nearby, so you can work for a longer amount of time without having to stop for refreshments.

Take Breaks

It is okay to take breaks whenever you feel like you aren’t accomplishing anything, or you simply need a few minutes to yourself. At times, it could help you be more productive if you change your perspective and then revisit your work. Of course, you will need to make sure that you are ready to work again once you return back to your project.


It is okay to procrastinate from time to time, since this could cause you to get your work done and meet your deadlines. However, if you are unable to complete projects before they are due, it could be necessary to limit your procrastination. You should begin with these tips when you are trying to stay on task and finish your work. They may make a difference and allow you to be more productive.

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