10 Phobias You May Have Heard Of

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If you have ever found yourself frightened of something or wishing you could avoid it completely, you may have an idea of what it is like to experience a phobia. When someone has a phobia, they may go out of their way to stay away from an object, situation, or place, and experience a great amount of fear and anxiety if they even think about it. Here’s a look at 10 phobias that are quite common, and an explanation of treatments for phobias.

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10 Common Phobias

Here are 10 phobias you may have heard of before.

  1. Arachnophobia. If you are afraid of spiders, you may have this condition. You could become upset or anxious when you see a spider or even if you picture one in your head.
  2. Nyctophobia. Being afraid of the dark could cause this phobia. If you experience it, this might indicate that you have been fearful of the dark since you were young.
  3. Ornithophobia. Fear of birds is the meaning of this term. If you are frightened of birds, it may be hard for you to go outside or enjoy a day at the beach, which can greatly impact your life.
  4. Agoraphobia. This fear revolves around not being able to escape a situation or place and could lead an individual to stay away from people, crowds, or even public areas.
  5. Ophidiophobia. Anytime someone has a fear of snakes, this will be what their phobia is called. They may be afraid of snakes because of stories they heard as a child or simply because they have been close to being bitten by one.
  6. Social Phobia. When a person experiences social phobia, this means they are likely to avoid situations where there are many people, or they must interact with strangers. This could cause them anxiety and fear.
  7. Aerophobia. A fear of this variety will mean that someone is uncomfortable flying. They might not want to get anywhere near an aeroplane, which will make travelling impossible, in some cases.
  8. Mysophobia. If you consider yourself cautious of germs, you may want to know this word. It means that a person is afraid of dirt which could lead them to engage in excessive cleaning.
  9. Odontophobia. A phobia of this type involves a fear of going to the dentist. An individual may avoid seeing this type of doctor because of an event that occurred in the past.
  10. Amaxophobia. This type of phobia includes someone being afraid to drive. They could be convinced that they will hurt themselves or someone else.

Treatment Options

When you are concerned that you may have a phobia, it might be necessary to speak with a therapist about what you are fearful of. A professional should be able to let you know if the symptoms you experience due to this phobia can be lessened. They should also be able to provide treatment options that could make a difference.

Overall, working with a counsellor may have the effect of allowing you to be able to live your life the way you want to, without the need to be afraid or isolate yourself to avoid the thing or situation that scares you. With the proper treatment and some time and effort, this could be possible.


While anyone can be scared of something, if you are afraid of a thing or situation so much that it impacts your life and routine, this could be considered a phobia. In many instances, the fear related to a phobia is not real. This is why it is helpful to work with a therapist when you have extreme fear and would like to change this. You can see relief from your phobia, with therapy and medication.

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