Jaques London Wooden Games Review

Jaques London packaged wooden chess set

Ant and I love old-style wooden toys and games so when Jaques London got in touch asking if we’d like to review some, we, of course, said yes.

I chose a wooden Chess Set and a game I’d heard of but never played, called Shut The Box.

Wooden Chess Set

The first thing that impressed me was the lovely way they were packaged. The ribbon on the outside gives it a special feel and inside the game is wrapped in thin paper that is printed with information about other games and old-style pictures.

There’s also a card showing who packed the game. Our Chess Set was packed by Daisy and I love how care has been taken to write the name of the packer. When you see a quality control card or sticker in other packages, the name is usually a scrawled initial so it’s lovely to see that care has been taken by Daisy 🙂

Jaques London - inside the box is lovely packaging paper

The Chessboard is of high quality and feels like it will last forever!

Wooden chess set

Learning To Play

Now, I don’t actually know how to play chess but apparently, when I was little, I used to play with my dad and he said I won once! I’m going to learn how to play again because I’ve always wanted to but never given it any time. I figure reviewing a chess set would make me sit and take time to learn!

Chess pieces stored inside the chessboard

All the pieces are stored inside the folding chessboard to keep everything together.

All I need now is to find YouTube tutorials to show me how to play!

Shut The Box

Shut the box game

As with the chess set, this Shut The Box game came with a lovely ribbon on the outside and was just as nicely packaged on the inside. It was also of the same high quality.

Ella used to be in the scouts and she’d help on the stalls when they had Christmas and Summer fayres. One of the popular games they had was Shut The Box and if I remember correctly, Ella and KayCee were quite good at it.

How To Play

The game comes with instructions and once you get the hang of it, it’s very easy to play. It’s also a little addictive and I found myself having ‘just one more go’ a number of times!

Shut the box instruction sheet

You can play on your own and try to beat each previous score or you can take it in turns with friends and family to see who can get the lowest score.

Shut the box

Ant really likes it and was very pleased when he was able to Shut The Box!

Thanks to Jaques London for sending the games. All reviews are my own, honest opinions.

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