Things you Shouldn’t Ignore While Shopping for EyeLashes

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When it comes to cosmetics, putting artificial eyelashes is right up there with eyeliner and flawless contouring in terms of complexity (or, at the very least, intimidation). That’s why we’re here to clear up any confusion you may have about the various (and numerous) varieties of fake lashes available.

What are False Eyelashes?

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False eyelashes are synthetic lashes placed as an extension to natural lashes. A trained lash artist applies for the extensions with semi-permanent glue. Furthermore, the extensions are generally put to the top upper eyelid, either in “clusters” or “fans” or separately.

When wearing lash extensions for the first time, you may be concerned about artificial effects or allergic responses. This is why, to get the desired look, you must evaluate all of the criteria before utilizing eyelash extensions.

How to Choose False Eyelashes

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Eyelash extensions come in a variety of fibres, lengths, thicknesses, and curls. As previously said, it is critical to pay close attention to each of these elements to get the greatest outcomes. Your eyelash artist will go through each of these resources with you and create lashes that are uniquely tailored to you. Other concerns to address with the lash artist before the installation of extensions are:

  1. Length
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The improper length of eyelash extensions might harm your natural lashes. While selecting eyelash extensions, the general guideline is that the extensions must be 3mm-5mm longer than your original lashes. Furthermore, the diameter of the false lashes should be as near to the diameter of your natural lashes as feasible.

  1. Volume
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The number of single lash extensions packed together forms a “fan” defines volume lashes. To indicate how many lashes are all in a fan, several artists use a number followed by the letter D. For example, 3D would be three separate lashes grouped together to form a fan. Volume styles in 2D-4D are lighter and more natural-appearing. When creating a more substantial and dramatic effect, 4D to 8D are applied.

  1. Curl Type
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Eyelash extensions styles include the following:

  • The B-curl It is best suited for people with straight lashes who need a little lifting.
  • C-curl. Choose the C-curl if you have thinner natural lashes and want them to seem more wide and fuller.
  • Whenever you want to produce a dramatic look, D-curl is ideal. Furthermore, because it mimics a semicircle, it is great if you have naturally curling lashes.
  • Finally, there’s the L and L+ curl. For those with  single eyelids, hooded eyes, and lashes that point downwards and straight, this curl type is designed for you.

Finding Extensions for Your Eyelash Type

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Choosing the appropriate artificial lashes is critical. It may transform a standard strip lash into a beauty bag necessity and provide your eyes with the day-to-night variety that only lash extensions can provide.

Let’s go through some eyelash types and the recommended extensions for each.

  • Almond Type: Almonds are the most adaptable, which means they will work with almost any lash. Feeling a little extra? Choosing fluffy lashes with volume equally distributed throughout the band will offer you with eye-catching drama.
  • Deep Set Type: Deep set eyes may require highlighting, so choose lashes that are longer in the centre, curving up and out the brow.
  • Hooded Type: If you possess hooded eyes, long lashes with extra length in the middle are ideal. Individual or cluster lashes may work better since they may be built up to get the desired impression.
  • Round Type: They are spherical and normally reveal the majority of the iris, with inner and outer corners rounder and not drawn in or out. Curly lashes are the way to go to highlight your eyes and eliminate thick, heavier styles that might weigh them down.
  • Monolid Type: Because monolid eyes have natural looking and obstinate eyelashes, it is advisable to focus on a multi-layered, feathery lash while choosing the greatest lashes.
  • Close Type: Cat eye lashes are great for this eye shape, with the optimum style flaring outwards, drawing emphasis to the outer edges and extending the form. Longer lashes in the center should be avoided since they will make the eyes appear smaller.
  • Upturned Type: A strong, thick-set lash might overpower these eyes, so go for something airy and fluttery. This eye shape can fit well with half lashes, since this is generally enough to call attention towards the eyes and generate focus.
  • Downturned Type: Choose a classic crossed winged technique to lift and stretch the outer corners, producing the illusion of a smoldering cat eye. If you’re using individual lashes, focus more on the outside corner, piling more heavily there to give a lift.
  • Protruding: The best way to accentuate bulging eyes is to add volume to the sexy pair with a high curling lash.

The Bottom Line

Investing in eyelash extensions allows you to effortlessly get classic, natural, dramatic, or thicker lashes. Contact a renowned eyelash artist for magnetic eyelashes and other eyelash extensions in the market. When executed properly, it is possible to maintain the extensions looking beautiful for an extended period of time without harming your natural lashes.

For your vanity light setup, we recommend investing in top quality LED lights in the market. Also, consider buying makeup brushes and toolkits from certified manufacturers for the best quality products. Visit a trained lash professional and follow the basic eyelash extension maintenance guidelines. You will have a gorgeous and fresh look that most eye makeup products do not provide.

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