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Are you sick of spending your cash on printer ink only for it to run out in the space of a few days? We know how you feel and so do the millions of printer owners across the world who are in the same position. Genuine printer ink is overpriced and each cartridge comes underfilled so we took some time to discover what cheaper alternatives there are so that you can reduce the money you pay out every time you need a refill.

Shop Around for Offers

It may sound simple but one of the quickest ways to save money when buying ink for printers is to shop around and see if it is on special offer in any of the shops that are local to you or via an online seller that delivers to your address.

We have to be honest and share that while this will save you some money, don’t expect massive savings this way as shops will pay a premium for the item and still need to make a profit themselves. The result of this is usually a small reduction in price.

Check Out Subscription Services

Another way to make small savings is to sign up for an ink subscription service. These are typically offered by the printer companies and work by sending you an ink supply at a specific time in the month or year.

These services are sold as being smart, simple and money saving but like the in-store offers, don’t expect too much of a discount. Ultimately, printer brands needs to make a decent profit to cover all their expenditure and the easiest way to do that is through printer ink as everyone needs it.

Try Replacement Ink for Printers

The cheapest way to get the ink you need is through an ink replacement service from a company like Smart Ink. These companies are not affiliated with a printer brand and make high-quality compatible cartridges at a fraction of the cost of genuine ink.

To get the best deal, take some time to find a supplier that offers great value, great service, and a great money back guarantee. Doing this will help you to get the best ink when you need it. For example, if you need to purchase HP Envy 4524 ink cartridges, simply go to the site and look up the cartridge name you usually buy and you will be shown the compatible version at a much lower price – it’s perfect!

Start Saving Today

With a few options to choose from, you never need to overspend on ink again! If you are keen to continue using genuine ink then take the time to shop for offers or try a subscription service that offers a small discount. If you want to make larger savings and still get access to the best ink then replacement ink services from companies like Smart Ink will help you to achieve the quality you need a price you can afford – give them a go today and be stunned at the savings.

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