3 Reasons Everyone Should Start a Blog

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

Hi. I’m Debz and when Shell Louise invited me to write a guest post for her, I knew I wanted to write about blogging. Having read her blog, I can tell she loves blogging as much as I do so it makes sense to get everyone involved. I have written blogs as a hobby for many years, but this year I set myself up as a virtual assistant and part of that involves writing blogs for other people, which is pretty much the dream

You Get To Meet New People

One of the nicest things about being a blogger is that you get to meet new people. There is a big blogging community online and lots of people that want to get involved and help out other people. You can search these out on Facebook or browse hashtags on social media channels. Whether you’re involved in an engagement pod or simply a little chat group with fellow bloggers, it can be a really nice way to meet people with similar interests to you. When the world is a little more back to normal there are also blogging events you can attend and these are super fun too!        

You Can Try New Things

Through reading blogs and being a blogger I have tried lots of things that I might not have otherwise. I’ve been to the circus, I’ve had meals out in restaurants I would otherwise not heard of and even been on the i360 in Brighton. Some of these are places I have been invited through being a blogger and others I have heard about through other bloggers. So many wonderful experiences just through writing a blog, amazing really!

You Learn All The Time

When I started blogging, I didn’t know much at all. It was something that I just started because I wanted to and fumbled my way through it. Now I know so much about what to include in posts, hashtags to use and even different blogging platforms to use. It is a constant learning curve – even with just how to reach out to brands & what to say to PR companies. They are definitely skills that have helped me elsewhere in life – so I would thoroughly recommend it to everyone!

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