5 Ways to Attract Natural Light in Your Home

woman sitting on a sofa - lots of natural light coming in rom the window behind her
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Natural light offers plenty of benefits to your home such as saving energy, improving your health, and lifting your mood. No wonder why homebuyers are now considering “plenty of natural light” as a key attribute they search for when choosing a new residence.

Daylight exposure has been correlated with improvements in your health, mood, and in the house. Natural light can make a room brighter and give the impression of more space.

Finding out how you can brighten up a dark and melancholy room is overwhelming when moving into a new home. This is true if there are no big windows in your new place to let natural sunlight in.

A lot of things can be done to attract natural light to your home.

Here are five ways on how you can welcome the sunlight in your space:

Choose the Perfect Upholstery Fabrics

Typically, you choose your sofas, tables, and chairs based on your personal touch and what you think looks best. Having said, you must choose the perfect upholstery fabric.

Do you want the light to enter your room? Get rid of those huge, navy or grey sofas!

A sleek, lightweight sofa in a lighter shade like white, ivory, or beige will make your space feel and look more spacious. More specifically, avoid bed frames, tables, or TV racks made from walnut wood.

Aside from choosing the perfect upholstery fabric, select also the right colours of pillows, throws, and other soft furnishings.

Select the Right Colour Scheme

If you can recall from your art class, colour can either reflect or absorb light. Dark hues will trap light so a dark coloured room with lots of windows will look gloomy compared to a room painted with light grey, white, or light tan.

The lighter shades work like a mirror to bounce light all over the room.

Painting your room white is the most practical way of brightening your home. White makes light bounce all over your room and reflects on other surfaces.

For added décor, think about adding ornamental trimmings to the ceilings or paint a side of the wall with a freshening colour.

Add Shiny Objects and Mirrors

Did you know that installing a mirror to a wall would make the area look more spacious?

Putting a mirror across the window can also multiply the amount of natural light entering the room.

Shiny objects such as metallic light fixtures, silver photo frames, and furniture with chrome accents can help in making your room bright.

Cover Floors with Bright Rugs

Putting a bright rug on your bare floors can brighten your room. Aside from making your floors glow, it can also add some texture and comfort to your floors.

Pick ivory, white, or yellow when choosing a colour for your rug. Ensure that the rug is large enough to help increase the visual area.

Use Light Window Treatments

Window treatments have altered throughout the years to suit more simplified patterns.

Put out brocade and heavy curtains and replace them with airy sheens.

Remove those Roman blinds that block light even when they’re not shut and welcome the daylight in. Pick sheer curtains in a single panel so you can pull them back to enjoy the stunning view outside.

Blinds are another common choice because they allow you to adjust the amount of light you prefer and you can angle them any way you want with a twist of the wand.

This recommendation may seem simple but cleaning your glass doors and windows on both sides will ensure that optimum sunlight will penetrate through the glass.

Like your sunglasses with smudges, dirt can restrict visibility in the windows.

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