CBD Marketing: 9 Creative Ways to Promote Your CBD Brand

CBD is the most popular extract derived from the cannabis plant, and understandably so. The substance accounts for nearly all the medicinal properties of the plant. This is why there are so many websites offering CBD products, and the market is yet to stop growing. For example, you can now buy CBD online through Laurelcrest and many more online stores that use private label manufacturers to create products. So, if you’re considering venturing into the cannabis industry, you should naturally start off with CBD products.

Selling online is much easier than opening an actual store and all the work that goes with it, but not having premises can also be a problem.
If you don’t have storage space for your stock, you needn’t worry as you can easily use cbd drop shipping.
Dropshipping is where you take orders from your customers and those orders are filled by another company.

However, there’s the little challenge of raising awareness of your products and brand. While CBD boasts powerful medicinal effects, the mere fact that it’s a cannabis compound means that it still attracts mixed reactions. You can visit this site to learn about the most popular CBD products, such as CBD oil, CBD flower, CBD Gummies.

Nonetheless, you can still succeed in marketing your CBD business and tap into the highly-profitable cannabis industry. Here are the top 9 ways to promote your CBD brand.

CBD plant
Cannabis buds
Image by SeaweedJeezus from Pixabay

1.      Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is considered among the most effective ways of marketing your CBD brand. As the name suggests, influencer marketing is a marketing model where you liaise with an online influencer to raise awareness of your brand.

One of the top perks of influencer marketing is that it allows you to tap into the trust that an influencer has built with their niche community.

When choosing an influencer for your CBD brand, the convention is to go for personalities with a higher social media following. Most importantly, target influencers with a niche audience that’s relevant to the cannabis industry.
Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for this type of marketing. Of course, you’ll need your own Instagram page for this to be really effective and you’ll also want to increase your number of followers to show potential customers that you are popular. Check out the following article to find the best option for your brand – https://growthoid.com/best-instagram-bots/

2.      Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you partner with publishers who generate traffic to your CBD business through referral links. What makes affiliate marketing great for CBD businesses is that the commissions you pay to the affiliate networks are purely performance-based.

That means you don’t pay based on the number of people referred to your CBD website or e-commerce store. Instead, you pay only when the traffic converts into actual purchases.

As you track your conversion rate, you should also monitor your retention rate. A higher retention rate implies that your CBD products are delivering on their claims.

3.      Search Engine Optimization Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing is a digital marketing technique where you apply strategies that make your website discoverable by the top search engines. This is an intricate digital marketing strategy that will invariably require you to hire a specialist. However, if done correctly, the returns are worth the investment.

One of the best practices when hiring an SEO agency for your business is to insist on one that deploys marketing techniques that are unique to your CBD business.

For instance, if you operate an e-commerce store selling CBD edibles in Reno, Nevada, choose an SEO firm that will target your company for local searches. That way, your business will rank high up on search engine result pages (SERPs) for local search phrases like “CBD edibles in Reno, Nevada.”

4.      Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Unlike SEO, SMM is a bit less technical. If you have a presence in the top five popular social media platforms, then that’s already a great place to start. While not everyone who is on social media is actively looking for a product to buy, social media remains an instrumental marketing tool for CBD businesses.

In fact, if you conducted a random survey, you may find out that most people who know CBD gummies to help you sleep and order it online.

Various social media sites have content sharing functionalities that you can take advantage of to ensure your blogs and articles reach a wider audience. Another advantage of social media is that you can engage with your clients and prospects in real-time.

social media icons - CBD marketing
Social media icons
Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay

5.      Cross-Promotion

This is unarguably the easiest and most affordable CBD marketing technique on our list. Cross-promotion entails partnering with other businesses where you promote their brand and products while they also promote yours.

When choosing a brand to enter a cross-promotion deal with, ensure there are no conflicts of interest. For instance, it would be economically imprudent to promote another CBD brand. Instead, you might consider an alcoholic beverage brand, energy drinks, performance-enhancement drugs, or other products that usually pair with Lazarus Naturals CBD.

6.      Host Local Events

You can hardly become an international brand before building a reputation in your local community. However small and seemingly insignificant your local market is, try to tap into it.

One effective way to do that is to host local events and tournaments. That may require partnering with local businesses, particularly those in the events management sector. Use the events to offer giveaways and freebies like branded caps, t-shirts, coupons, etc.

Plsu, for every client won, encourage them to recommend your brand through positive reviews, word-of-mouth referrals, social media, etc.

7.      Native Advertising

Native advertising refers to a method of digital advertising where ads are seamlessly placed within a publication in such a way that they look relevant to the content. This digital marketing technique is ideal in publications that attract millions of active readers, drawn from different demographics. 

One thing to love about native advertising is that the ad is less intrusive. Most people tend to click on outbound links if such links are weaved into a piece of content naturally.

8.      Content Syndication

Content syndication is more or less similar to native advertising. In this case, you partner with popular sites that can republish your articles, blog posts, and video content on relevant third-party websites.

Content syndication works in a similar manner as sharing a post on social media. Besides exposing your CBD business to a wider audience, content syndication will also improve your SEO rankings.

The only problem with this CBD marketing method is the risk of content duplication. However, working with a competent SEO agency will ensure that you escape Google’s penalties for duplicate content.

9.      CBD-Focused Blogs

This is another cost-effective way to promote your CBD brand, especially considering that many people are still ignorant about CBD and its benefits. Blogging about CBD means you’ll focus more on what CBD is, how it works, and its medicinal properties.

You want the blogs to be as professionally-delivered as possible, only weaving in links to your e-commerce websites where necessary. Therefore, focus on delivering value in your blogs so the reader will automatically want to check out what you offer.

bottles of CBD oil
Bottles of CBD oil
Image by PharmaHempComplex from Pixabay

Starting a CBD business is a wise investment decision. To stay ahead of the pack, you’ll need to employ the tried-and-tested CBD marketing techniques that we’ve highlighted above.

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  1. Dan White 20th October 2021 at 5:46 pm

    This article would be a great read to those who are planning to enter the CBD business. CBD has been widely used by people from 50 states. And in this case, putting up a business related to CBD would be indeed a great idea because the target market is so wide. It would also be helpful to use different marketing strategies to successfully market your CBD brand.

    – Dan White

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