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revamp your wardrobe
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Our lives have been turned upside down in recent months as the Coronavirus has changed the way so many of us go about our daily lives.

Lockdown appears to be coming to an end, but working from home and cutting down on social interactions look set to remain for some time to come for so many.

If you feel like you’ve lost a semblance of control in your life recently, it might be the perfect time to get a grip on things – starting with your wardrobe.

Clear things out first

revamp your wardrobe while on lockdown
Photo by Will Malott on Unsplash

First things first, throw open the doors and throw away anything that has been hiding in those dark corners of your wardrobe for too long.

Chances are you’ve simply been too busy to have a proper crack at this before, but with much more time on-hand for many of us now is the time to get ruthless.

Back-up wedding outfit that has never been worn? Bye-bye. Dog-chewed slippers that somehow worked their way back into storage? Get out. Spare bedding that has been slept on for years? It’s got to go.

Remember, if your unwanted items are of sufficient quality, charity shops need supplies more than ever right now, so consider donating.

Are your clothes fit for purpose?

All that office-wear that you’ve been working in for so long might not be so useful anymore.

Of course, you could wear that full suit for your various video calls. But that’s a commitment not many are willing to make right now.

At the other end of the scale, you might not want your crustiest of crusty pyjamas on show to your colleagues.

Invest in quality

With the lines blurred between our personal and professional lives, picking up some pieces that match this might help you get your head around your circumstances right now.

A few cosy pieces of athletic gear or lounge-style ladies’ nightwear will ensure that you can go about your daily business in luxury, while preserving that professional sheen over vide conference.

How it will benefit you

Now you know where everything is in your wardrobe, you will have control back in your life. And being confident in what you’re wearing will help you focus on what you need to for work.

Now that’s complete, why not have a look at what else you can do to boost your productivity while you’re around the house?

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