My Very Own Kitchen Adonis & Our Anniversary Menu

When Wayfair got in touch and asked me to take their latest interactive quiz: Dating Disaster or Recipe For Love, I decided to pass the link on to the SWH (super wonderful husband!).
The reason for this is because the kitchen in this house belongs to him and he does like his gadgets and utensils!
I’m happy to say he got 8 out 10 and was given the title of Kitchen Adonis 🙂

kitchen adonis - Wayfair dating disaster or recipe for love quiz results

I can see that he’s now going to expect everyone to call him Adonis whenever he’s in the kitchen!

Special Anniversary Dinner

I’m very lucky to have a kitchen adonis, however, especially now we’re in lockdown and won’t be able to have our week away at the end of April for our 15th wedding anniversary.
He’s going to cook us a special anniversary dinner instead and two of the children will be here sharing the day with us (KayCee’s moved in with her Nan to look after her while we’re on lockdown).

15th wedding anniversary menu

Ant has his own recipe for French Onion Soup. I’ll share it on another post soon. It’s absolutely delicious.

The dauphinoise potatoes recipe is from BBC Good Food and the shredded Brussels Sprouts with slow fried shallots is from

The profiteroles recipe is from BBC Good Food.

Making The Best Of Lockdown

Even though we won’t be celebrating our wedding anniversary the way we had planned, we’re not going to let lockdown dampen our spirits!

The only way we’re going to get through this tough time is by being positive and focusing on making the best of things.
We’ll use the special dinner set, make a lovely table centrepiece and light candles.

I can’t wait!

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