Reasons to use box frames for your artwork

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Box frames have become a popular option for many people to protect their artwork. There is no space in-between the artwork and its frame, helping the artwork placed nicely within it. As a result, this gives a modern-day appearance for your artwork and prevents the artwork from contacting the glass. But selecting the right frame can sometimes be difficult 

What are the box frames?

Box frames, also known as shadow picture frames, are a type of picture frame that you can use to present pictures and photographs and artwork. But they are much deeper than the normal picture frames.  

You can use box frames to create depth when you hang them close to other picture frames. This means you can use them next to the collection of framed pictures to create contrast. Some people also use them to improve the interior design. The best thing is that they are easy to use. You can choose to utilize box frames either as freestanding or hang them on the wall. 

How to use box frames?

Box frames are suitable for a wide range of uses. They provide an appealing 3D look and you can frame artwork to create depth to flat artwork that would have been impossible to get if you had used other types of frames. 

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Many people opt to use box frames to make shadow art, lightboxes, and handmade gifts. For example, you can choose to have a box frame so that you can use it as a gift to a friend or family member. 

Best of all, you can use box frames to hang souvenirs, such as oil on canvas, tiles, books, and textiles. Unfortunately, some box frames might not meet your expectations because of their lower quality. Therefore, go for box frames that are handmade, unique, and customized to match the size of the item you want to frame.

The benefits of a good box frame

A box frame is an important part of the overall presentation of any artwork. Most people are concerned about damages to their precious valuables. They are justified to do so because unsupervised handling and many other environmental factors can cause problems. This is why you should box frame your collectables for the following reasons:

  • Protection. Box frames prevent your artwork from damaging elements, such as wear and tear. For example, signatures on the autographed memorabilia can fade because of regular handling and exposure. Hence, you require a box frame with a layer of glass to protect it from damage.  
  • Aesthetic appeal. If you are interested in improving the decor of any space, perhaps box frames are the best option. Box frames have different designs, sizes, materials, and shapes to match any indoor environment. For instance, you can use hand-finished wood box frames to create s sophisticated indoor environment. 
  • Hanging flexibility. You can hang box frames in various ways to prevent damage to your collectibles. Thankfully, you can use metal, plastic, or wood materials to hang your box frames, giving you a choice to match the rest of the interior decoration.
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