Why Hampton style homes are the best choice of design for every phase of life

Hampton style homes
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Building your own home is often the stuff of dreams for many of us. It’s the ability to get precisely the type of house we want, in a location we love all for a price we can actually afford to pay. Buying the perfect house from an estate agent is quite likely to be well over budget, so this is a different option. 

If you do decide to go down that path, fortunately, there is plenty of advice and support available. You will not have to walk the path alone as long as you seek the right partners to help you along the way. From builders to plumbers, to architects, to electricians, to designers, there are many you will need. You will even need a real estate agent to buy the land on which to build! 

As such, you need to choose them wisely. It’s often essential to ensure you have a good connection with them as you will be working with them extremely closely for an extended period of time. They need to understand you, your vision, your family’s requirements and your budget too. Chemistry is essential in all our relationships and none more so than with our house building network. 

Adaptable, versatile, stylish and welcoming, Hamptons style homes are a great choice regardless of the stage of life you’re in. If you want extra help on creating yours, read our 10 essential tips to designing a Hampton’s style home. If you’re looking for a real lifestyle property, this will be a perfect choice.

But before that:

What is the Hamptons style?

Modelled on homes in the New York state coastal resort, these are timeless and classic beachfront homes that offer outdoor/indoor living. It blends sophistication with casual and the romance of a beachfront house.

However, thanks to the amazing climate we have here in Perth, a Hamptons style home doesn’t just suit the beach, it looks great and is functional situated out in the suburbs too. 

Why do they suit all life stages? 

A classic and sophisticated style appeals to all age ranges. In our modern-day world of social media and connectivity, the young are more informed about interior design than ever before meaning they are seeking homes which look good enough to post online. But because they are timeless, those older families or even retired couples who have some pride in their home will still appreciate a beautifully presented house like this.

The open plan living spaces and the ability to merge the decking into it is perfect not just for entertaining, but also for family life. So whether it’s a loud party (just warn the neighbours!), an elegant dinner and drinks party or a family barbie, the space suits all. 

The whole style of the house is designed to have a relaxed pleasant feel, and this will suit all types of residents. Whether it be housemates, couples, young families, older ones with teenagers (there is often a separate living area that they could retreat to) and those older couples who have the place to themselves again. 

So we’ve talked about the team you need, but what about the house itself? There is increasing popularity for Hampton-style homes, and it’s easy to see why they are the best choice of design for every phase of life! 

If you’re returning to the UK from abroad, you can still buy a Hampton-style home – you’ll just need to use a uk expat mortgage, not a regular residential mortgage. 

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  1. basket random 17th April 2023 at 10:58 am

    These timeless and traditional seaside residences provide both indoor and outdoor living space, since they were modeled after homes in a coastal resort located in the state of New York. It is the perfect combination of chic and laid-back, not to mention the allure of a seaside home.

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