How to decorate your garden shed and make it cosy

Once upon a time, a garden shed was the man’s domain. It was buried deep in the corner of the garden, hidden if possible and was used as an oversized storage hut for the manly things like power tools and axes. It was a respite facility for the outdoor creatures with more fragile sensibilities – spiders afraid of the rain and earwigs who don’t like the cold, for example. On crossing the threshold, your head would become crowned with cobwebs, your nose assaulted by the musty smell. Your skin would crawl at the thought of the insect-squatters who had taken up residence in your shed.

Fortunately, this shed has been consigned to the backyards of garden purists, and the humble shed has blossomed like the flowers you planted. Now, a garden shed is so much more than a haven for mould. Now, they can be a haven for you. Now, they can be anything you want them to be.

garden shed

A second lounge, an office, an indoor-outdoor space – the choices are endless. And with the affordable accessories, you can buy to turn into your own personal domain, and it’s time to get cracking in time for summer.

But how do you make your shed cosy? Can you maintain its functionality and still have it as an attractive area to enjoy? We’ve listed a few ideas below to get you started…

Storage space

Let’s not forget plastic sheds are often required to house your tools. So if you want to use it for other things, you could get some stylish storage units to keep your dirty equipment out of sight, neat and tidy. This will help ensure it doesn’t become dirty and messy but can still have the primary function you need it for.

Comfortable seating

You won’t have a cosy space if the seating is faded, stained and cracked picnic chairs that look like they belong to Stig of the Dump. Or worse, an upturned bucket. No, cosy means welcoming and in order for that to be the case, there needs to be somewhere comfy to park your behind. There are chairs you can hang from the ceiling. Affordable corner sofas. Love seats in weird and wonderful shapes and patterns. Rocking chairs, arms chairs or even bar stools if you fancy having a little party area with a mixology station and a keg.

Soft furnishings

Nothing breeds sterility like the absence of accessories. Even at the height of summer, the evenings will likely get chilly from time to time so have a few throws around the place to snuggle under. Add some curtains or a stylish blind to your window. Have some bunting hanging at the top of the walls and scatter a few cushions around.

Heat and light

As just mentioned, England isn’t the warmest so invest in a safe heater to make the place feel homely and welcoming. Dark and dingy has no place in a cosy shed either so ensure you get some light on the situation! Big windows, artificial light, candles (be careful in a wooden structure!) all add to the cosiness.

Today’s shed is so much more than a tool store. You can enjoy yours as part of your outdoor lifestyle, and it can be just as inviting as any living space at home. Spend a bit of time looking for ways to make it part of your home, and you’ll get the most out of your shed.

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