Cut and Fold Book Art

A few years ago I tried book folding for the first time and really enjoyed it. I made a simple Christmas tree using Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol book.
While browsing Pinterest for ideas for book nooks, I saw pins for cut and fold book art. I’d always wondered how they made more elaborate designs so I Googled cut and fold book art and came across All In The Folds website.

Free Cut and Fold Book Art Masterclass

I took advantage of the free cut and fold masterclass and printed out my first pattern.
I was going to order a T shaped ruler from Amazon but decided I’d make my own for my first try in case I didn’t like it! A piece of glitter card taped to the top of my ruler worked well!

cut and fold book art pattern

It was a bit intimidating at first glance but after watching the video tutorial it turned out to be really easy!
I’m now hooked on book art and I can’t wait to learn the other methods.

cut and fold book art spelling the word, Inspire

Charity Shop

You may know that I volunteer at the charity shop where I run the book section.
We currently use CD cases with letters on the spine to separate the paperback books alphabetically. They’re ok but they can be hard to see so I’ve decided that with my new-found knowledge, I’m going to get hardback books that have been donated and make letter dividers using an alphabet I’ve seen on All In The Folds 🙂

I’ll share photos when they’re all done and in place.

All In The Folds Facebook Group


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