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Costa Cruises - Costa Fascinosa

As its name suggests, the Costa Fascinosa will surely take you to the best and most fascinating vacations you will ever have.

This 114-500-ton ship that’s 290 meters in length is one of Costa Cruises’ largest and most beautiful ships in its fleet. Theatre lovers will surely love how this ship has paid tribute to some of the best names in the historical theatre scene by naming its decks after them. 

Aboard this ship, you will surely love the large, magnificent atrium that’s certainly the highlight of this water vessel. The ship can accommodate up to 3,800 guests at a time. There are 1,100 staff and crew ready to serve you during your holiday so you can be sure that every minute and hour spent onboard can be used to just lounge, relax, and be stress-free. 

There are fourteen decks that house numerous suites and cabins. You can choose from suites with balconies and cabins with windows that look out to the lovely sea. What’s great about Costa Cruises ships is that they provide live webcam footage of the exact location of the ship. You just have to check it out on the ship’s webpage! 

The Most Fascinating Holiday of Your Dreams

Prepare to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean aboard one of the most beautiful ships to ever set sail in these waters. The Costa Fascinosa offers a variety of cruises all year round from Transoceanic cruises to ones that depart in Barcelona and others that travel across Northern Europe and more. Whether you’re searching for a cruise that would best fit a luxurious vacation or one that will awaken the adrenaline junkie in you, the numerous options you have to travel aboard this Costa cruise ship will give you the perfect opportunity to find one that first your preferences. 

Enjoy a relaxing day as you sunbathe by the sea in Spain, enjoy the wonderful architectural sights in Amsterdam or go on an exciting hiking trip in Italy – possibilities are absolutely endless! Just take a pick of the cruise you’d want to try out or if you have more than a few holidays breaks each year, why not pick several? 

A Memorable Costa Fascinosa Vacation

Being on board the Costa Fascinosa is a holiday in itself. Sure, there’s much to look forward to in the islands and countries that are part of your itinerary, but you would probably also be wanting to hang around on the ship a lot. There’s plenty of socializing going on in the viewing decks, disco, restaurants, bars, and more. You can get a massage anytime you wish even multiple times during your trip! You can also indulge in delicious cuisines and specialities by the on-board chefs. 

There’s truly much to explore in our wonderful world. Plenty of sights and attractions to see in every continent gives one many reasons to travel. If you should reward yourself with a dream vacation, reward yourself well by getting the opportunity to see multiple top tourist destinations all at once aboard a luxurious Costa Cruise ship.

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