Choosing a Water Cooler – How to pick the Best Water Dispenser in 2020

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If there is one thing man can’t live without in this world, it’s water. A man can last a week without food but he cannot go on living when he is parched. Unfortunately, water is also something we disregard on a daily basis. I guess the plain and tasteless nature of the drink is not very inviting for many. But you know, you never know what you have until you can’t have it anymore. Never ever let it get to that point. While we have abundant access to clean water, let’s celebrate and appreciate it.

When you were in school, you were probably taught about how the Earth looks. Your teacher most likely mentioned that the Earth is 70% water. Well, your teacher’s right. The world really is made up of 70% H2O. However, 67.5% of that is ocean or salty water. And as you may have probably noticed in all the “lost at sea” themed movies you watched in the past, ocean water is not drinkable. You can read this if you don’t believe me:

For one, the taste is terrible. And two, the amount of saline present in the liquid is just too much for your body to handle. You cannot survive drinking ocean water. Worst comes to worst, you will first need to isolate the salt from the liquid which you can do so by drying it in the sun. You won’t get much left if you do that, though.

In other words, we are only left with 2.5% that comes from freshwater sources like rivers. Then again, it’s not like we can easily access all the sources that belong to 2.5%. At most, we only have access to 1% of the world’s potable or drinkable H2O – that fact alone should tell you just how important this resource is. It’s not improbable for this to run out someday so we all have to be very careful. Anyway, that’s enough trivia about H2O for today.

Today, let’s talk more about how you can increase the efficiency of your H2O intake and avoid wasting precious resources by getting yourself your very own dispenser at home.

What Is A Water Dispenser?

A dispenser is a machine that helps people have an easier time storing and getting a glass to drink anytime and anywhere. As I said in the previous paragraphs, most H2O in this world is not potable.

Even in the city, given the amount of pollution we have these days, there’s no telling whether an H2O source is safe to drink. Read more about the various effects of pollution in our H2O sources here. Taking a drink from the tap has been okay before but now, chemicals and other contaminants are already present in the underground pipes that help circulate the water in big cities. This may have perilous effects to a person’s health which is why people are strongly advised to really know where their drink is coming from. Only purified or distilled H2O is safe to drink these days.

This clean and processed water are often sold in containers. These containers are in gallons so it’s not like a person can just easily pour himself or herself a glass to drink with that big of a container. This is where dispensers come in handy. You just put the container into the dispenser and the machine does the rest of the job for you. It allocates portions of the potable water efficiently through built-in faucets that are easy to clean regularly. This helps minimize wastage because people really get to use every drop that goes into the container.

Now, there are many types of dispensers so choosing the right one might be a little tricky. Still, it all comes down to what kind of dispenser you really need for the home. Here are tips to help you choose the right one. To view a list of the best water dispensers for 2020, check this website out.

Consider Size

You have to consider the available space you have to place the cooler in. Of course, you wouldn’t want it to take up all the extra space left in your humble home. Depending on your needs and the resources that you have, you may opt for a bigger or smaller cooler. The main point here is just to get something that feels right. 

Consider Function

Do you like your drink chilled? Or, do you love making yourself a hot beverage every once in a while? Then you may want to consider buying a dispenser that has built-in cooling and heating systems for easy and convenient temperature control. There are also dispensers that have freezer functions so you may want to check on that as well. 

Consider Price

Last but not least is the price. Without even saying it, I know that you would prefer something that’s good quality for its value. Don’t try to bite off more than you can chew. Before swiping your credit card, make sure that you have the capacity to pay for the machine. There are lots of options so always consider the budget when making a choice. 

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