Making Tea with The Best Kettle

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Making a tasty cup of tea has never been easier. The days of waiting by the stove for the stove-top kettle to heat up gradually have gone. As much as some people love the old-fashioned whistling sound, they are turning to electric pots which provide better speed, temperature adjustment, longer durability and much more.

In case you’re thinking of purchasing a brand new electric kettle, there are numerous factors to take into consideration. You’re provided with a wide range of models, even with quiet kettles for your tea.

How to choose the best one?

Solid speed

One of the primary features you should look for in a kettle is speed. You need one which is going to have your tea ready in about two to three minutes. Speed is crucial, as purchasing a fast boiler is going to save you plenty of time in the morning when you hurry to get ready for work.

When deciding to purchase a kettle, go to various stores and read the description of the ones you find appealing. It’s supposed to include the wattage of the pot by which you can determine its speed. The higher the wattage, the faster the water will boil. 

In case you can’t manage to find this information in the description, don’t hesitate to call the shop assistant to help you. He/ She will be able to tell you everything you wish to know about the product. As you’re going to be faced with a wide selection of models, it’s a wise idea to go through some reviews by previous customers. If you are making an online purchase, online stores will provide you with numerous reviews, aiding you in making a choice.

Temperature adjustment

Not all electric kettles have the feature of temperature adjustment, enabling you to adjust the temperature in accordance with your preferences. Most pots, particularly the lower-cost ones, have only one fixed temperature feature, which boils the water in the same way regardless of the type of tea you’re brewing.

Glass kettle

If you aren’t a person who takes special notice on the effect which boiling temperature has on your cup of tea, then the adjustment option isn’t essential for you. However, in case you are specific about the taste and you make a distinction between teas boiled at a different temperature, then this feature has to be included. The tea brewing temperature guide on this page will teach you about the ideal way of making the perfect cup out of various types of tea.

Dimensions and capacity

Size is very significant when it comes to selecting the perfect kettle. Therefore, prior to making a purchase, take a good look at your kitchen to determine the spot where you plan to place it. If your kitchen is crowded with various objects, you’ll certainly need a smaller pot in order to fit in properly. However, should you have a large kitchen and you can place the pot anywhere you want, then you aren’t limited in terms of dimensions.

In addition, capacity is another important element which largely depends on the amount of tea you drink. Those people who live alone, brewing tea only for themselves, need a small-sized kettle, such as the one designed for travelling purposes.

On the other hand, if you brew tea for the whole family, then you need a normal-sized boiler which is capable of boiling approximately two litres of water. This amount is more than enough for the whole family to have a cup, without having to wait more than a few minutes.

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You probably remember the whistling kettles which release such a loud noise that it could wake the dead. Fortunately, pots are becoming less noisy, even almost silent. The higher voltage ones are noisier, unlike the ones which are of lower voltage, but quieter. Not being bothered by the loud sounds the boiler produces, means purchasing a high-voltage one, able to heat up faster.

Nevertheless, if you find the noise annoying or you simply don’t want to wake the others early in the morning while using the electric pot, you should buy a lower-voltage one. Moreover, you can choose some of the modern quiet kettles, producing as little noise as possible or try to make your water boiler quiet by following the soundproofing tips on this link:

Weight and material

The most common materials used for making water boilers are stainless steel, plastic or glass, each having its own advantages and drawbacks. The first one is considered to be the best material for kettles, heating up fast, lasting the longest, but weighing the most.

Plastic heats up more slowly, but the lightest pots are made of this material, making them perfect for travelling. Glass boilers are similar to the ones made of stainless steel, but are more frequently chosen due to their appealing design.


In terms of price, you can purchase low-cost boilers, being equipped only with the basic features such as lower voltage, capacity and no temperature adjustment option. However, you shouldn’t expect them to have a long life-span.

Conversely, the ones which are more durable, powerful and bigger in size cost more. Also, the more additional features the kettle has, the more expensive it is.


The electric water boiler is something you’ll use on a daily basis; make sure you choose one with high quality and top design.

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