Very Christmas Advert 2019

Very Christmas advert 2019

It’s Christmas advert season – YAY!!!!
I woke up this morning and as usual, checked Facebook while drinking my coffee. I’m a member of a couple of Christmas groups on there and one of the first posts I saw was a lady saying she’d just seen the Very Christmas advert 2019.

I know it’s a silly reason to get excited but I did because I love Christmas so much! One of the things I love to do in the run up to Christmas is to watch all the new adverts and decide whether they’re better or worse than last year’s!

I love the animated Christmas adverts from Very. They’re not very long but they don’t need to be, they show the message perfectly which this year is, Get More Out of Giving.

I absolutely love buying Christmas gifts; I shop and plan for Christmas all year round so this advert resonated with me. Christmas is certainly about the giving of gifts for me, I get very excited if I stumble upon a gift that I know will make someone really happy and I can’t wait for Christmas just so I can give it to them, much like the John Lewis advert from 2011 titled The Long Wait.

So that’s the Very Christmas advert 2019, I’ll be back as soon as I hear of a new Christmas advert being released!

What Christmas advert are you looking forward to the most, or is it just me that gets excited by them?!

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