Becoming a Fit Parent

Parents today have a lot to worry about. Our primary concerns are always around our children’s happiness, their safety, their health and well-being. But, we’re also worried about our family finances, our home, our relationships and our jobs. More parents are working than ever before, many juggling jobs around childcare, school runs and other commitments. 

This doesn’t leave much time for exercise. While we want to set good examples for our children by being fit and active, we just don’t have time. We want to teach them how to lead healthy lifestyles, and we certainly want to be fit enough to run around the park with them, and healthy enough that we’ll be around well into their old age, but it can be hard to prioritise exercise with so much else going on. Here’s a look at some things that you can do, to help you to become a fitter parent. 

Make Changes to Your Diet

Health and fitness aren’t all about exercise. Your diet plays a big part too. If you are overweight and have looked at Tonic Weight Loss Surgery, you might find it hard to get into exercise, and you might have other worries about your health. Look at your diet. Do you finish the kid’s dinner? Have secret snacks in the kitchen? Or, do you cook healthy meals for your family and snack on nutritious treats?

Play with Your Kids

Parents and children having a water fight - becoming a fit parent
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As a parent, one of the best ways to move more is to play with your kids. When they are very young, you’ll be able to run around parks with them, kick balls in the garden, play catch and enjoy exploring. As they get older, they might spend more time indoors, but they’ll still be happy to go on a bike ride, to the playground, or swimming if you suggest it. 

Try Sports Together

Trying new sports and activities as a family can be a great way to keep you fit, and spend some quality time having fun together. Look at sporting events, classes and groups in your local area to find things that you can do as a family. Or, just enjoy walks, bike rides and swimming sessions together. 

Follow Their Lead

Becoming a fit parent can be easier if you’ve got sporty kids. If they are really into sports, practice with them. Let them teach you things, and try to take part in things that they enjoy. 

Walk the School Run

Try to avoid driving to school unless the weather is especially bad. Or, if it’s too far, drive part way, but walk the rest. You might be surprised at how much difference, even two short walks every day makes to your health and fitness. 

Set Yourself Some Targets

Targets give us a way to stay on track and push ourselves forward. If you are busy with kids, your goals might be small, but they are still worth setting. 

Join a Team

Most of us leave team sports behind, but they can be a great way to burn calories, build fitness and kick start your social life. Find teams in your area, or get together with other parents to start your own.

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