How to Grow Your Instagram Account With 7 Easy Steps

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Using Instagram as a platform for your business can seem like a daunting task, there are literally millions of accounts all jostling for the attention of other users. Regardless of if you are just starting out on Instagram or are just looking to grow your account, we can help. A larger account results in more visibility, more of your target audience engaging in your content which can translate into increased sales and leads. Follow our easy steps to grow your Instagram account!

Create Showstopping Content

Your feed needs to have a certain ‘vibe’ it could be the same filter that you use time and again, the same colour palette or the way you structure and compose your images. Once you have found your vibe, stick with it! Your feed needs to tell a story about you and your business and it needs to be consistent. There is no point in working towards a vibe though, if your content isn’t up to the high standards of other accounts. Don’t rush your content, make sure you make it as good as you can and that it matches your vibe!

Hashtags Are Currency

Even if you are still working on generating your ‘vibe’ you need to know and understand very quickly that hashtags are Instagram currency. Research what the top hashtags are that day, how do they relate to you and your product? Can you use them? What hashtags are your competitors using, should you be using them too? You have space for 30 hashtags on your posts, use all of them! The better you select your hashtags, the more feeds and explore pages you will potentially show up on. Hashtags are your currency for free promotion to a billion Instagram users; make sure you select the ones that will get you out there!

Be Regular

In this day and age, everyone is easy to forget, and everyone is forgotten far faster than ever before. Back in the day, it was seen as edgy to take a hiatus from social media, now you just get forgotten. You need to keep yourself in your audience’s mind, do this by posting awesome content on a regular basis. You don’t want to post every 5 hours, you’ll come across as spammy, but you want to be posting once a day to keep your audience engaged with you.

Engage With Others

Instagram is a game and there is a lot of speculation as to how you can win it. We all know that you need to engage with other accounts to get people interested in your feed and potentially follow you, but you can be even more strategic than that. An hour or so before you post, engage with other content from other users, this way when you post, there is a higher chance that they will see, like and then follow your account. Continue this engagement after you’ve posted too! The logic behind this, is that the more people engage on your content, the more people Instagram will show it to, so engage with others at strategic times to help grow your following.

Write better captions!

This may well take you just as long to write a good caption as it will to create and edit your content! A good caption is what draws the audience in past the image and into your feed. If you have an interesting photo but absolutely zero context to what it is, people will just scroll past the image and look at the next one. You can go so many ways with captions, be it smart, funny, informative or just emojis. Gauge your audience and look at your competitors to see what it is they are doing and what is working on their part.

Post Photos of People

Seems simple and straight forward, but a lot of business and brands forget to post photos of the people that are involved in their projects or business. Faces get an additional 38% more likes than architecture, office spaces etc so it is worth posting the people you are involved with to help boost your following even more!

Track The Best Time To Post

Your target market and desired audience may not be your local community or even on the same to continent. You need to make sure that you are posting your content at the most effective time to maximise its visibility. Check Instagram analytics to find out who engaged with your content most and at what time. You will find that this can give you a valuable insight into who is looking at and engaging with your content. If it isn’t your target market, then you can adjust your posting timing and see if that makes a difference!

Be Safe

Instagram is a hackers’ playground. Along with that, Instagram regularly blocks users. Sales of VPNs for IG and proxies have gone through the roof in recent times whilst users try to protect their privacy. Bottom line: If your account isn’t safe, it can’t grow.

Final Thoughts

Instagram doesn’t have to be a difficult platform to grow your audience on. The main thing that you will need to do above all else is to be consistent. Be consistent with your feed, vibe, narrative, captions, postings and timings. If you are able to be consistent with all of these things, then there is no reason as to why you can’t easily grow your feed and expand your audience!  

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