Is it time for a staycation?

Although many families in the UK enjoy travelling abroad for their summer holidays, due to career, family and financial commitments, visiting foreign countries for a week or two is not always possible. This has led many families to decide to take a staycation, either in their hometown or elsewhere in the UK. The UK is bursting with beautiful landscapes, world-class attractions, and relaxing destinations for you and your family to enjoy. Here are some of the top ways to enjoy a perfect staycation.


Every county in the UK contains attractive destinations which can appeal to the whole family, with many traditional seaside resorts that are still bustling today, large and chaotic cities, and tranquil areas of outstanding natural beauty. Some of the most popular destinations for staycations in the UK include the childhood favourite, the Isle of Wight, which contains family attractions such as Blackgang Chine and Robin Hill, which are still as charming as when they first opened. Other popular locations include Dorset, Cornwall, and Devon, each destination providing an ample mix of stunning beaches, family attractions such as theme parks and zoos, and five-star accommodation.


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A staycation in the UK would not be memorable without enjoying some of the UK’s spectacular nature. Staycations are a great opportunity to get your children interested in nature and participate in healthy activities, sports and exercises. Self-guided walking holidays can allow you to explore the best of the UK at your own pace, with a repertoire of stunning locations such the Cotswolds, the North Yorkshire Moors, and the South Downs meaning that you can holiday as close to or as far away from your home as you wish. Not only does getting close to nature and performing exercise have a number of physical and mental health benefits for you and your family, but it can also create memorable experiences and sightseeing opportunities across the country. 

Free events

If you are considering a staycation due to financial issues, then finding free events, festivals and carnivals at your holiday destination is a great way of having an exciting holiday while still saving your pennies. Free events are usually held between the summer months and during the Christmas holidays, and these often include festivals, markets, fairs, and experience days which all the family can enjoy. Not only this, but many free events allow you and your family to immerse yourselves within local traditions and cultural phenomena that you would not be able to experience back home or may not even have heard of before now.

Exploring hometowns

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If you are prevented from travelling at all, it is possible to have a staycation from your home, and you can do this by becoming a tourist in your hometown. Although you may have lived in your town and city for years, many people have not visited their local attractions or sights. By visiting these, you can have a unique and unusual experience in your hometown that may make it feel as if it is a completely new destination. You should also be open to new experiences whilst attempting this, such as trying a new sport or activity that you may be too nervous to do during daily life.

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