Best Ways to Update Your Home in 2019

No matter how happy you are with your current home, there are always various ways in which it can be improved. Whether it is a simple task, like putting up a new bookcase or adding a fresh lick of paint, or a slightly more difficult job like retiling the roof, even the most seemingly perfect houses will have room for refinement. What’s more, often some of the best solutions are the most economical and won’t require you to spend too much of your hard-earned dollars on carrying them out. From energy-saving tips to superficial retouches, here are some of the best ways to update your home in 2019.

Declutter your storage space

Organizing items in a home is one of those jobs that’s at the top of nearly everybody’s to-do list, yet they somehow never seem to get round to doing it. Not only can it be beneficial to your health as an effective means of reducing stress, but it can also open up spaces with very little effort and provide you with a renewed sense of pride in your home. Once you have cleared away the clutter, you will discover you have made room for new, more functional, or aesthetic objects that will bring a fresh feeling to your living area.

living room - update your home in 2019
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Add a fresh coat of paint

Undoubtedly one of the most simple ways of sprucing up a home is by painting the walls, effectively helping give new life to those tired and inspiring hues that had long ago lost their glow. Painting walls in light colors can instantly make a room appear bigger and brighter, while also influencing your mood as you step into that space, particularly when they complement the rest of the interior. Furthermore, if you’re looking to sell, it is an easy way of creating appeal to potential buyers without having to break the bank.

Install new radiators

Keeping your house warm and saving money during the cold winter months is no easy task. While insulating your home is a must, you will also need to add warmth when there is an icy chill outside, and this usually comes in the form of radiators. Radiator technology has improved significantly in recent years, as companies have begun to focus more on producing energy-saving models, such as the Eskimo radiators found at, which efficiently combine great heat output along with low water content. Updating your current heating system with new low-energy models will undoubtedly see your monthly utility bill drop.

new radiators - update your home in 2019
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Invest in smart devices

Although the idea of having your home controlled by an electronic device may seem like something from an episode of Black Mirror, it can lead to considerable savings and reduced stress in your day-to-day life. From smart light bulbs to entire security systems, smart devices are a great way of updating your home for the 21st-century and watching your bills drop in price each month. One of the best features that every household should consider is the smart plug, which allows homeowners to control their power outlets remotely using a tablet or smartphone.

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