5 Easy Ways to Get Your MOT Test

Red car on a road - 5 ways to get your MOT test
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Once your car is three years old it will need to have an MOT test to verify that it is roadworthy and still in a safe condition to be on the road, especially West Yorkshire roads which are in some of the most beautiful settings in the country, but that can be challenging to older vehicles. Here are five ways that you can prepare for your MOT to make sure it goes smoothly:

Know the Date

Your first MOT will be due within three years of its date of registration. So, if your car was first registered on the first of January 2019, it will need an MOT to be done by the first of January 2022. Once you have had an MOT, the date of the next test will be on the MOT certificate. MOTs last for a year and the penalties for driving without an up-to-date MOT are no fun for anyone.

Know What They Look For

Being aware of what is on the MOT checklist is a good way to prepare you for what might lie ahead. In this way, you will know if that hairline crack on the windscreen is going to be a problem or not, and you can sort out small issues before the test. Once you are prepared for what might lie ahead, you can easily get your MOT tested within Wakefield – check Ossett Tyre House for more information.

Book Early

You can book your MOT up to 28 days early without losing any time on the MOT. In fact, booking within that 28-day window can actually mean that you end up with a thirteen-month MOT as the date of the next MOT test will be 12 months from the expiry date on the previous certificate rather than from the date of the test.

Pair with Service

When it is time for your MOT, why not book a service at the same time. That way, the garage can issue your certificate and make sure that any minor repairs are completed at the same time. This way you are only without your vehicle for one period of time, and once you have it back, you can tackle all the roads in West Yorkshire Peak District, with confidence that your car is in top condition.

Make a Plan

Finally, while your car is being MOT tested, why not make a plan to do something fun in the area while you wait? You could go to a movie, go clothes shopping for that perfect outfit, or even take your laptop and get some work done at a nearby café. This will prevent you from fretting about what is happening to your car and will keep you nicely occupied until you can retrieve your vehicle, especially if you do not have a second car in the household that you can use in the meantime.

These five tips will help you get through your MOT test with few hassles and the barest minimum of stress. Give us a call today to find out more about our MOT testing service.

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