Subtle Kitchen Improvements That’ll Make An Instant Impact

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Today’s post is all about subtlety. You all know the different ways of renovating a kitchen and completely upgrading its look. But, what about some low-cost ideas that will make an impact right away? These home improvement ideas are things that most people might not notice immediately, but the effect they have on your kitchen is seen instantly. The best part is, they don’t require a great deal of work, and they can be done whenever you like!

Soft-Close cabinet hinges

How many of you have to deal with cabinets that always slam shut? Whether you do it yourself or your kids are responsible, it creates a problem. The noise is horrible, but your cabinets end up damaged as well. So, some soft-close cabinet hinges will sort things right out. With these, your cabinets won’t slam shut as the mechanism kicks in to slowly ease them to the closed position. Not only does this reduce needless banging and slamming, but it also gives your kitchen a more modern feel to it.

Washing machine mat

Some of you are probably scratching your heads at this idea. What the heck is a washing machine mat, and how will it improve your kitchen? Well, when you’re looking for the best price washing machine, you end up with loads of options full of great features. The only problem is that – no matter which one you choose – it’s incredibly loud and vibrates like crazy. This is a particular issue for washing machines in kitchens as the vibrations usually cause the surrounding cabinets to shake. So, a washing machine mat is a special rubber mat that goes under your machine and helps reduce the vibrations and make your appliance quieter. Visually, there’s not a great deal of difference. But, the feel of your kitchen is instantly improved as you don’t have some great big think rocking and vibrating whenever there’s a wash on!

LED lighting

The beauty of a kitchen is that you can experiment with so many great lighting ideas. With LED lighting, you can brighten up different areas of your kitchen. Get some underneath your wall cabinets to light up the countertop below. It creates a really gorgeous glow that transforms the way your kitchen looks and feels. Additionally, you can get some installed in the cabinets themselves for an even greater effect. As far as visual improvements go, this is probably the best and most subtle.

Upgraded appliances

Lastly, you can drastically boost the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen by improving a few of the common appliances. A new kettle, toaster, and microwave will give your kitchen an instant upgrade. These things can get dirty over time, and they can also just look old and unsightly. So, some new ones will make a huge difference. My tip is to ensure they’re matching, which only adds to the kitchen improvement.


The point of these ideas is to show you that it’s possible to improve your kitchen without doing anything too crazy. There’s no need for a full renovation that costs thousands of pounds, just try a few of these subtle ideas instead.

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