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Coffee tables are often underestimated assets that aren’t really considered a big deal when decorating. However, incorporating such a table is an art because with the right décor arrangement you can grant it a prominent and beautiful place in your home. The goal should be to capitalize on their usability and their attractive form without disrupting the decorum in the rest of the room. The intriguing proportions including the alcove middle and exquisitely clean aura of the Molded Plywood Coffee Table make it an excellent addition to any mid-century modern living room. With items like this, you need to consider particular properties including size and scale before positioning it and things around it. Luckily styling this table is pretty easy to master if you browse through the collection of layout ideas we’ve listed below:

  1. The foundation for a classical setup:

plywood coffee table

Displays like this are the basic, mainstream go-to option for a boxed-in living space curated for the purpose of conversational areas. The timeless aura of the Plywood Coffee Table does not seem out of place in an all-wood scheme with a singular contrasting sofa piece. If you’re aiming to showcase accessories, antiquities or simply providing a convenient counter for you and others to place miscellaneous items, this setup would be ideal for you. Owing to the accommodating infrastructure of wooden furniture pieces you can add a multitude of decorative pieces that are highlighted by the large bay windows in the back.

  1. Recline in a rustic masterpiece:

plywood coffee table

Compact and made up of elegant curves, the Plywood Coffee Table is an era and style-fluid article, making it a versatile option for both traditional and mid-century modern living spaces. The simple yet tasteful design featured in the image above incorporates a very rustic vibe with the matching coffee table and chair set, propped upon a charming patterned carpet. There’s a vibrant liveliness infused within this room because of the fusion of various wooden textures and décor elements. The hushed white background and similarly humble couch allow the table to truly stand out, whilst the arching lamp directed towards the tabletop makes it the focal point of the room. Incorporating a sentimental ceramic or family heirloom in a setting like this adds a special touch.

  1. Supplement maximalist décor:

plywood coffee table

A simple but effective illusion showcased by the humble silhouette of the Plywood Coffee Table is beautifully demonstrated in the sample above. Here it is used as more of an accent piece to underwhelm the myriad of patterns, textures, and elements being produced by all the differing furnishings. Not to be outdone by the graphic curtains and flooring, the natural oak of the table and pop from the potted plant pull focus due to expert layering. The compact shape and curvaceous dimensions of the stand act as a safe-spacing characteristic in more constrained environments. The overarching theme of pastels perfectly complements the subtle coloring of the table itself.

  1. Target one statement piece:

plywood coffee table

This picturesque arrangement is proof that minimalism doesn’t have to be boring if you just put a little thought into it. The muted personality of the Plywood Coffee Table paired with the lively and bright amber couches in an L-seating add a dimension of visual appeal. This minimalistic setup is only further enhanced by the expansive windows that let you peek into lush and beautiful greenery whilst simultaneously bathing the entire room in natural light. Once again all the secondary furniture articles are positioned facing the coffee table as this acts as an anchor, tying the whole room together making this a fantastic mid-century modern living room to relax in.

  1. Mix rustic with modern hues:

Adding earth tone elements to a modern layout with the Plywood Coffee Table, artisan bowls, fresh flowers, and ample wooden shelves or bookcases gives the room a chic yet eclectic vibe simultaneously. The fusion of organic and contemporary tones is accomplished by the appropriate clustering of the supplementary furniture articles. By distributing a few Eames Wooden Tables in the periphery of the centre table you can craft a tasteful and refined room bursting with personality. The splash of colour provided by the ornaments placed on the table and the horde of books in the background works beautifully with the natural and cosy aura of the mid-century modern living room.

Every design idea presented above depicts distinct and aesthetically pleasing samples that any contemporary or traditional interior designer would highly appreciate. You can definitely take matters into your own hands with the Plywood Coffee Table by adding personal touches.

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