3 Easy Ways To Dress Your Windows

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Changing the way you usually dress your windows can make a huge difference to the feel and style of your room.
Window dressings provide privacy as well as protecting you from the harsh glare in the Summer and keeping the heat in during the Winter.

Window dressings are an often overlooked, but very important feature of any room. It’s important to do some research to help you choose the right style, not only for your taste but also to make sure they’re doing the job you need them to do.

Of course, your lovely window dressings can be totally let down if your windows aren’t in the best condition.

Dress Your Windows

1 – Curtains

dress your windows - voile panels

When it comes to curtains or curtain styles for living rooms, the choices can seem endless and maybe even a little overwhelming.

If you’re after a window dressing that makes a statement, layering is a good choice. These light and dark curtains look great together and let in lots of light, making the room feel nice and airy.
If you like waking with natural light, these curtains are a great choice as the light can still get through, but it will be muted so you’re not suddenly awakened by bright sunlight in your eyes.

You’re not always restricted to off-the-shelf curtains and sizes either. There are plenty of places offering custom or made to measure curtains where you can pick the exact fabrics, sizes and linings you need to get the perfect curtains for your situation.

2 – Blinds

full length blinds

Before buying blinds from DotcomBlinds for your windows, you need to decide which type of blind will work best for your needs.
If your space is small and doesn’t get much natural light, a good choice is matchstick blinds. They let light in while maintaining your privacy.

Roman blinds are also a good choice for small spaces. They don’t create the fabric bulk you get with curtains. The pleats look lovely when the blind is up during the day then it hangs flat against the window at night.

Roller blinds can be a great choice. They’re easy to fit to size yourself. They can also be swapped out easily for different colours and patterns, especially if you like to change your decor with the seasons.

Like curtains, roller blinds and roman blinds come in a huge variety of colours and fabric types so all you need to do is find the right one to fit the room decor.

3 – Combination Of Both

combine curtains and blinds

If you like the look and feel of curtains, but they let in too much light in the mornings, pair your curtains with blinds. The curtains need never be closed, they can be purely decorative because the blinds will be doing all the work.

Choosing curtains and blinds that complement each other, but don’t match, will enhance the design of the room.

Dare To Be Different

When you upgrade your uPVC windows, maybe think about choosing a window dressing you’ve never had before to show off your shiny new windows.
Choose geometric patterns in bold colours to inject some colour into the room or choose some calming botanicals in those rooms where you like to relax.

The choice is endless, go and have fun choosing new window dressings and maybe even new windows!

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