The Big Chill: Our 10 Best Iced Coffee Drinks

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All coffee lovers can agree that they’re always up to try new ways to drink the heavenly mixture. That is why we put together a list of some of our best iced coffee creations; drinks specially designed to help you stay cool while giving you a good caffeine shake. All this makes an incredible addition to your weekend brunch. So let’s get into it!


Here is how to make a fantastic cup of coffee from the comfort of your home:

Only a spoonful of sugar and a hint of milk or cream alleviates the harmful effects of an espresso coffee drink. The variations in this scenario of sweetened dairy products seem endless, but remember this: if you want to make a drink like a sophisticated professional, make yourself a stock of simple syrup. You will not be disappointed with the result. Try these wonderful recipes below and grow in your love for coffee!


1.Macchiato Ice Cream Candy

A perfect balance of coffee, vanilla, milk, and caramel is a sweet and creamy summer drink. You will cherish the sweet taste on your tongue with every sip!


2.Coffee with banana milk

The addition of creamy and creamy banana milk to the cold morning preparation gives it a rich and delicious taste. If you enjoy a good and healthy breakfast in the morning, this is the way to go!


3.Creamy iced coffee

In this variant, the coffee is combined with milk, half and half, sugar and vanilla, plus cocoa butter! Some people prefer to use chocolate syrup rather than chocolate liquor. Well, that’s your choice to make.


4.Peanut butter with chocolate, iced coffee

This original recipe begins with ice cubes! Mix the coffee cubes with the soy milk, chocolate syrup, some peanut butter, some vanilla extract, and a calorie-free sweetener until it’s sparkling.


5.Easy iced coffee

Shake instant coffee, sugar, and water in an airtight jar. When it is beautiful and sparkling, pour it on the ice and fill it with milk. Drink and enjoy!


6.Vietnamese iced coffee

Strong coffee on ice with sweetened condensed milk is an insurmountable treat in Southeast Asia. Serve it on hot summer days or as a nighttime indulgence and enjoy! We promise you it will have you craving for another taste soon enough.


7.Iced caramel coffee

A sweet ice cream is a good flavour at any time of the day and when you combine it with the flavour of coffee, it is like magic!


8.Chocolate and ice cream mocha

Cocoa, almond milk, and chocolate syrup make the day start slowly. Almond milk gives it a sweet flavor, and soon enough, you’ll find yourself falling in love with the unique taste.


9.Mocha Smoothie

Combine coconut milk, coffee, sugar, hot chocolate mix and vanilla extract with ice and blend until smooth. You’re bound to find this irresistible!


10.Cappuccino on ice

Combine strong coffee with sweetened condensed milk, half and half and a touch of vanilla extract and serve on ice. It is a delicacy for hot days, try it yourself too!


11.Cold Coffee

Coffee slowly prepared in cold water is less acidic than hot coffee. You can use this concentrate directly on ice or in the microwave, half a cup of coffee and then add half a cup of boiling water to get a quick and hot coffee. Develop your own coffee/water ratio for your coffee.


If we’ve whet your appetites enough already and are looking to invest in a snazzy coffee maker, you can look into several of them when you view the list here.


We hope these have been helpful for you and will make you develop a deeper passion and more profound appreciation for coffee! While you try these various recipes, also try to have fun with them! Happy Coffee making!

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  1. Kim Carberry 20th May 2019 at 3:29 pm

    Ohh! I love Iced Coffee. I love the sound of the Peanut butter with chocolate one x

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