5 Expenses Destroying Your Budget and Painless Ways to Avoid Them

Saving money can be incredibly difficult, yet achieving our targets can also be wonderful. Whether you plan on saving for the holiday of a lifetime, a new house or just to build yourself a financial safety net, working towards these targets can be life-changing. One way to make it all happen quicker is to rid yourself of those expenses that you don’t really need, yet for some reason always seem to be present. We’ll take a look at the 5 most common budget destroying expenses and show you how you can free yourself from them.

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  1. Credit card interest payments


Ultimately, the goal should be not to spend on credit cards but if this isn’t a possibility for you at least aim to swap your balances and your spending over to a card with zero percent interest. These offers are usually introductory from the credit company and rarely last over a year so aim to have your credit card paid off in that time or make a reminder to switch again when your interest-free period runs out.


  1. Pricey gym memberships and exercise classes


The internet has opened up so much more options for us when it comes to diet and exercise. There are plenty of people offering the chance to show us how to exercise right from the comfort of our own homes. There are even podcasts that you can listen to that take you through a run, giving you the intervals you need to build up your stamina. Exercise can now be free, we don’t need to pay for those expensive gyms and exercise classes anymore. Plus, if you fancy some Slimming World recipes, you can always check out my website.


  1. Your TV bill


Why not cut out those expensive Sky or Cable packages and maybe opt for an On Demand streaming service instead? They tend to be cheaper and still have lots of great content for you to enjoy. While you are at it, why not look and see if there are other household bills that you could cut. Try doing an energy supplier comparison, for example, and see if you could reduce your gas and electricity bills by changing supplier.


  1. Unneeded insurance


Carry out a review of your insurances and see if you really need each policy that you hold. You might not, for instance, need that costly life insurance policy if your loved ones don’t need your income in the event of your death. Also, do you really need to purchase all those extra warranties that you purchase or would you be better off saving the money and replacing the product if the worst happens?


5.Takeout and delivery meals


We know they are tasty and convenient but they are also really expensive and not actually all that good for your waistline. Why not try and save takeouts for special occasions, you will save money and will appreciate them more when you do have them? They will make that special occasion feel even more special.

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