January Update – Slimming World Results

Here’s my January update for my Slimming World journey. I’m very pleased with my Slimming World results so far this year. It’s the first January in a few years where I’ve continued to be determined to carry on right through the month.

I put 1 stone 8lb on from the middle of November last year through to the start of January this year. My mind wasn’t in the right place to try my best and I took target to have a break for a while.

New Slimming World Packs

All Slimming World members got new packs this year because some changes had been made to the plan.
Every Slimming World member will tell you how important our shinies are to us; (shinies are the stickers we get with our achievement certificates) and when we get new books, we get new stickers.

Getting My Shinies Back

I’ve had all awards up to my 8 and a half stone award, but I decided to only put back the stickers I was entitled to now for my current weight.
I was able to collect stickers up to 3 stone. My goal for January was to get my 3 and a half stone and 4 stone stickers back and I did that by losing exactly 1 stone 🙂

January Weigh-In Results

2nd January
Weight – 27 stones 13.5lb
Result – 22lb Gain
Total Weight Loss – 3 Stones 1.5lb

9th January
Weight – 27 stones 7lb
Result – 6.5lb Loss
Total Weight Loss – 3 Stones 8lb

16th January
Weight – 27 Stones 7.5lb
Result – 0.5lb Gain
Total Weight Loss – 3 Stone 7.5lb

23rd January
Weight – 27 Stones 4.5lb
Result – 3lb Loss
Total Weight Loss – 3 Stone 10.5lb

30th January
Weight – 26 Stones 13.5lb
Result – 5lb Loss
Total Weight Loss – 4 Stones 1.5lb

January Update weight loss results

Onto February

I’d really like to lose another stone in February so I’m going to go for it and try my best. As my consultant says, reach for the moon and if you don’t make it, you’ll still fall among the stars, or something like that anyway!


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