Why Caravan Breaks Are a Great Family Holiday Option

For some reason, a lot of people view caravan holidays as bad, but it doesn’t really make much sense that they do. It becomes even more unusual when you realise that many of the people who don’t like caravan holidays have never actually been on one! Anyway, writing a short post about why caravan holidays can be good, seemed to make sense – in particular, why they’re good if you have a young family as I do.

It’s worth mentioning that these are just a few of the big advantages that are easy to notice – I’m sure there are loads of other details that make caravan breaks brilliant which aren’t included in this post. If you’re interested, it’s always worth doing a little extra research and seeing what you can discover!

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The Price

Let’s be honest, most things come down to money and compared to most holiday options, going away to a caravan park for a week or two is pretty cheap. It’s hard to give you a guidance price because of just how much the figure can vary based on the location of the caravan park you’re staying in, the size and specifications of the caravan and the number of people you’re holidaying with, but it’s almost guaranteed to be cheaper than your typical all-inclusive holiday abroad.

There are plenty of enjoyable and cheap caravan holidays out there, it’s just a matter of picking out the caravan park and specification that suits your needs. As a side note, make sure to factor the price of living whilst you’re at the caravan park into your budget – you still need to eat and drink after all.

The Environment

One of the problems with the usual all-inclusive holiday on the beach is that, whilst there are lovely and beautiful views, you’re also surrounded by crowds of loud people which removes a lot of the enjoyment from the experience. Caravan holidays are focused on being quaint and quiet, which is why almost all caravan parks are based in areas of incredible natural beauty.

This natural beauty isn’t just great for the views but it’s actually scientifically proven that it has a positive impact on your mood, too. So, you’re more likely to be happier after a week in a quiet and scenic caravan park when compared to a poolside holiday abroad. Plus, with fewer people around and plenty of space, it gives the children room to explore, learn and use up their energy!


The Community

Finally, a big part of what makes a caravan holiday look so appealing is the community factor. The caravan park mentality is all about helping each other out and looking after your neighbours, which is a feeling you very rarely find in your hometown, let alone when you’re on holiday!

This encouragement to go out and meet your neighbours is great for the children too, as the little ones are given an environment where they can meet other young people safely which is beneficial for everyone, no matter their age.

When it comes down to it, caravan park holidays are completely unique compared to other relaxing breaks. There’s no shouting and screaming, no queueing for food and no crowds of people; instead, there’s just the open air and beautiful British countryside. Plus, as an additional bonus, it’s not very expensive either – it sounds great to me!

I say why not do a little research and see what you can find out. You never know how good something will be until you try it for yourself, after all. I hope this inspired you to try something new!

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