5 Office Renovation Tips for Small Spaces

Most businesses start out in small offices that they consider temporary as they consider moving in the future. However, it doesn’t mean that these offices should not be well thought out and functional. Most other businesses end up staying in such small spaces to keep costs down.


Real estate is also becoming an issue in many major cities. Therefore people have to make use of what is available. Regardless of the reasons you are in a small space, it doesn’t mean that it has to be neglected and cumbersome. Here are some 5 office renovation tips for small spaces that will enhance your space.

small spaces can work well as offices - laptops on table

  1. Functionality


When dealing with a small space, it is important to have the most logical layout in mind. You can consult a planner to help you come up with such a layout or you can just do it yourself if you are good at planning.


It is also possible to just sit with the other people who are using the office to brainstorm on ideas. Have issues such as the sitting arrangement, how many office appliances you have, the furniture you need and other such issues that will greatly affect the layout.


  1. Remove Things You Do Not Need


Do not have things you will not need in the office lying around because this will just use up the much-needed space. You may also have a storage space where you put those things that you do not use quite often.


For instance, if there is an item you use once in a week or a month, you can store it somewhere else and bring it in only when you need to use it. This will give your eyes some free space to look at which makes your office feel even bigger.


  1. Furniture


One of the things that can really eat up on office space is furniture. You do not have to use huge furniture pieces with a lot of wasted space. There is a lot of ingenious furniture out there made for small spaces. More details found on officeworthylist.com.


Such furniture is meant to be highly functional while taking up the least space in your office. You can, for instance, go for transformational furniture that can be adjusted for various different functions. You might also think about having custom-made furniture added to your office.

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  1. Office Appliances


Office appliances are the other items that can really take up your valuable space. Have only the appliances that you really need to perform. Also, some appliances are also getting smaller as technology advances so go for the small most advanced ones and those that offer more than one function.


For instance, you can get a small five in one printer that you can use for colour printing, photocopying, scanning, black and white printing and even faxing. Also, people are now more mobile and devices such as phones and tablets can do most of what needs to be done on the computer. Opt for laptops instead of using desktops where possible.


  1. Concealed Storage


You can also add a lot of concealed storage options in your office to tack the things you do not need away. These storage options can be in hidden places, corners, and at places where you can pull it out.


With these five tips, you can make any small office space more functional and give it a bigger feeling.

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