How To Use Your Front Garden To Be A Better Neighbour

In the past, families and geography knit communities together. But in the modern age, economics largely determines where people live. The community spirit that once defined local neighbourhoods is now a thing of the past, especially in big cities.


But is there nothing that keen gardeners can do to bring back some of that community spirit, even if they don’t know their neighbours? It turns out that there is. Take a look at some of these ideas to help you become more neighbourly and hopefully get the rest of your community engaged.


Create A Space For Hanging Out

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Conversation is the first step towards a more integrated community. And so what better way to break the ice than to create an area for hanging out in your front garden? Having somewhere to sit such as a porch, allows you to strike up a conversation with passers-by any time of the day. Choose a welcoming spot and put down some seating.


Add Mood Lighting Along The Front Of Your Property


You want your neighbourhood to have a welcoming feel as people go about their business. Nothing is worse than darkness for creating a sense of foreboding and hostility, so many people use lighting to brighten up their streets, especially on long winter evenings. Great lighting can be a compelling invitation for people to stop by and visit, as well as function as a deterrent for crime in your area.


Just be sure that your lighting is consistent across the front of your property; areas of light and dark can be a hazard for people with sight problems.


Plant A Fence Back From The Pavement


If you’re keen on creating a great community in your neighbourhood, planting the fence a few feet back from the pavement is a must. For starters, you want people to be able to see all your handiwork so that they can enjoy your garden themselves. And secondly, you want your street to have an open feeling. Choose beautiful pebbles and cobbles for your garden to make passers-by feel welcome, and surround landscaped areas with flowers and shrubs.


Make The Path To Your Front Door Wider

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Social networks create thriving communities, so the more inviting you can make your house, the more likely it is that you will make connections. Well, that’s the theory at least. So what can you do to make your home more inviting? Forbes suggests making the path to your front door a little wider, opening up more and more towards to road. Wider paths catch visitors’ eyes and make your home feel more inviting. They also provide space for seating on either side which is great for encouraging new people to join you if you strike up a conversation with your neighbours.


If you have a wide path, remember to keep the surrounding shrubbery low. Tall shrubs can create a psychological barrier between you and your potential guests.


So there you have it: how to use your front garden to be a better neighbour. Will you try any of these tricks?

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