Encouraging Hard Work & Determination In Children

We all want our children to be happy and successful throughout their life. Encouraging hard work and determination in our children is a great way to help them build their self-esteem.
Helping them to become responsible adults is a very important part of our job as a parent or educator. Here a few ways you can help children become happy and successful adults.

Encouraging Hard Work

One of the best ways to encourage children to keep working hard on something is to praise the effort.
Children naturally want praise so they will keep doing something that they’re getting praised for. If you put the emphasis on the end result and they haven’t managed to achieve what they set out to do, they’re going to get disheartened. They’ll just think that it’s too hard and it’s easier to give up.

By praising the effort and not the end result, you’re telling them that determination and hard work is what counts.

Encouraging hard work - Blackboard with Never give Up written on it in white chalk

Let Them Do Things For Themselves

It’s all too easy to jump in and do things for children because it’s easier for us. The thing is, if we don’t let them try, they’ll never learn. If they feel you’re getting impatient with them because they’re not doing something as fast as you’d like, they’re going to stop trying.

As long as it’s safe for them to do so and you’re not in a hurry to get somewhere, encourage them to try. We all know practice makes perfect and this is where praising the effort comes in again.

Give Specific Praise

Children need to know when and what it is that they’re doing right. Just saying, Good Job, or Well Done doesn’t really tell them anything.
For example, it’s much better to say, I’m very proud of how hard you’re working to learn your lines for the play.

Again, this reinforces the effort they’re putting in. They’ll want to please you by working even harder and will be proud to show their results.

child playing a guitar - encourage hard work and practice by praising effort

Reward Hard Work And Determination

We all like to be rewarded for a job well done. A bonus in our pay packet is always welcome when we’ve done a particularly good job! It’s the same for children.

Popular rewards in schools include certificates and stickers for personal achievements. Points added to a chart which will give the whole class a treat at the end of the week is a great way to help encourage teamwork.

Other rewards that are popular are mini trophies, a reward jar where the child can pick an item out of the jar such as a new eraser, pencil top or silicone wristband. Wristbands are very popular with children right now and silicone wristbands, in the UK, can be purchased from Lancaster Printing and personalised with the school name and logo.

Let Them Fail

Don’t be scared to let children fail. It’s one of the fundamental ways in which we learn. The saying goes, you learn from your mistakes and this is true of adults and children alike.

Nobody likes to see children fail. We know what failure feels like, but it’s a necessary part of growing up. We have to show children that no matter how many times we fail at something, we have to keep trying until we do it.

They will remember the feeling of failure as we all do. However, they’ll also remember the feeling of euphoria when they finally succeed, especially if you’ve been praising their hard work along the way.


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