5 Ways To Get Your Bedroom Autumn Ready

The recent heatwave seemed to last forever but then disappeared very abruptly. One day we were melting in the heat and no amount of fans would cool us then the next day we were reaching for the cosy slippers and big, comfy cardigans!
There’s no doubt about it now, Autumn is very definitely here. The apples are in abundance, the leaves are turning pretty colours and very soon, the blackberries in the hedgerows will be big and juicy.
Now’s the time to start making your bedroom Autumn ready.

cosy Autumn bedroom - paid of legs on a bed, cup of coffee, open book and string lights

Getting Autumn Ready – Cosy Comfort

Autumn decor is all about getting warm and cosy so we’re all ready to face Winter when it arrives. Layers, lighting, colours and textures all need to feature in your Autumn bedroom but it’s the accessories that top it all off.

Autumn Lighting

There’s no better way of creating a warm and cosy atmosphere than with candlelight. Even better, choose candles with gorgeous autumnal scents.
Fairy lights with a warm white glow draped over your headboard will compliment the candlelight and give the room a calming feeling.


Layers and Textures

During Summer, it’s lovely to get into a cool, crisp bed, but in Autumn we need softness and warmth so, bring out those brushed cotton sheets, smooth bedspreads and layer a chunky woollen blanket at the bottom of the bed that you can reach down and pull over you if you get chilly in the night.
Layer up some throw pillows of different colours and textures that you can sink into while reading your favourite book before you snuggle down and drift off to sleep.

Storage can be a problem in some bedrooms so if you need somewhere to store all your Summer bedding, a great solution is an ottoman style divan bed base super king size. These types of bed bases are also useful for hiding Christmas presents. Just saying!


Warm terracotta, mustard yellow, sage green and burnt orange are just a few of the Autumnal colours you could opt for.
If you need inspiration, go on a woodland walk and take note of all the different colours the leaves are turning; you’ll find golds, coppers and various browns that would look lovely together in your bedroom.

Accessories Using Natural Resources

By far my most favourite thing to do when changing the look of the room is choosing the accessories. Autumn is an excellent time to bring the outdoors inside. You can make fabulous displays with things collected from your earlier woodland walk!
Collect pine cones and acorns that can be tossed into a decorative wooden bowl and sprinkle with your favourite potpourri oil. Cut branches with Autumn coloured leaves still attached or bright red berries and arrange in a glass jar.

Autumn decorations, corn, candle, basket of flowers

Dried flowers haven’t had the best reputation in the past but they seem to be gaining popularity again. The muted colours of the dried flowers fit perfectly in an Autumn themed bedroom.

We mustn’t forget the most popular natural item to decorate for Autumn, pumpkins. We usually think of the regular orange pumpkins that we use to cut designs into for Halloween, but there are so many different shapes, sizes and colours that you can create wonderful displays with.

Getting your bedroom Autumn ready - use assorted pumpkins for decoration

Woodland animal designs are very popular at the moment; stags and hares, in particular, can be found on pillows, duvet covers, dinner sets, wall art and ornaments in numerous places, including large grocery stores that have a homeware department.
Fox themed home furnishings are also quite popular and a great choice for your Autumn decorating.

Is your bedroom Autumn ready?


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