5 All-Natural Tips to Caring for Your Skin

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Skincare products are sometimes not good for everyone. They can contain chemicals that tend to damage your skin. The safest way of caring for your skin involves using natural cleansers, exfoliants, and moisturizers.

Making your own products gives you the surety of using safe products and the ingredients can be found easily in stores or online.

  1.    Make A Face Mask By Blending Honey And Lemon

Natural face washes help cleans facial skin. Cut and squeeze a piece of lemon into a clean glass and add a tablespoon of honey. Mix the ingredients to form an organic wash.

As a natural moisturizer, honey cleanses your face without over-drying it. If you have dry skin, instead of the lemon add some milk. You can keep extra wash in the fridge in an airtight jar.

natural ingredients for your skin care products - honey and lemon
  1.    Make Facial Scrub From Sugar

Facial scrubs made from sugar are ideal for exfoliating your face and removing dead skin cells. Place all the ingredients in a glass and mix them together. Rub them over your face and neck, massaging in circular motions using your fingers.

You can use the scrub while bathing or showering. However, it should not be used more than three times a week. It will make your skin feel smoother afterwards. You can mix the sugar with honey, yoghurt and grapeseed oil.

  1. Oatmeal Facial Mask

Add two tablespoon of oats to a food processor and grind. The food processor grinds and mixes the oats. Add a teaspoon of yoghurt and honey to the processor and run the blender to mix. The mixture should be in a paste form. Apply the paste on your face and leave it for twenty minutes. After twenty minutes rinse with warm water.

  1.    Use Castile Soap to Wash Your Body

Castile soap is made from olive oil. Bathing soaps come either in the form of liquid or hard soap bars. Essential oils are often used to scent bathing soaps. Pour the soap into a bathtub or rub bar soap on a damp cloth for washing your body. Lather the soap over your body then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

  1.    Making Salt Scrub For The Feet And Body

The salt granules are quite larger than those of sugar, the salt granules are best suitable for tougher parts of the body. You can use Himalayan pink salt or coarse sea salt. Mix half a cup of almonds, avocado oil and grapeseed with one cup of salt.

Use clean fingers to massage the organic scrub on your skin. Make sure your skin is damp massaging it. Optionally add a few drops of essential oils to give it some fragrance. Exfoliating of the body is done once to three times a week.

pink salt

If you do not want to use a scrub, use exfoliating gloves to scrub your body. Apply a natural body wash such as castile soap on the gloves and gently scrub your body with the soap. Completely rinse off afterwards.

The exfoliating gloves should not be used to scrub the face. Lastly, rinse the gloves and hang them. The gloves can be reused for the next scrub.

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This is a collaborative post


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