Parenting 101: How to Find a Mattress for Your Kid

sleeping child - how to find a mattress for your child

Choosing which one to buy can be tough when shopping for your child’s bed. Of course, it makes so much sense—of all the age groups, the best quality of sleep is crucial for children. Kids have rapidly developing bodies. They need a restful, uninterrupted sleep to help develop their cognitive function, produce healthy, balanced hormones, and promote healthy bone growth. In particular, their spine is rapidly growing and developing. That being said, children need to rest and sleep on a bed that gives the best kind of support according to the needs of their growing and developing bodies. Learn nine more ways to make a child’s bedtime easy right here.

So, as a parent, what do you need to consider when shopping for your child’s bed? Should you go for an innerspring mattress, latex, or memory foam? Toddler bed or single bed?

From Crib to Normal Bed

From baby to toddler, from toddler to preschool kid—look how the transition happens so fast, as if your child’s growth happened overnight. And you realize how fast your child is growing up when you notice the need to switch from a cot bed to a normal bed. This normally happens somewhere in between 18 to 36 months. After that, a toddler should sleep in a proper bed with the right mattress. Of course, parents should consider their child’s height, weight, and age when choosing the right bed for him.

sleeping child

Choose the Right Mattress that Gives Proper Support

A good mattress helps the body to have proper spine and skeletal alignment. For that to be possible, a mattress should give proper support for the body resting on it. Some experts say that an innerspring mattress is a better option for kids rather than foam or latex mattresses. You may want to check some mattress comparisons here:

The rule of thumb to constantly remember is this: It should be soft enough for sleep to be more comfortable and restful, but firm enough to offer proper support. Of course, you wouldn’t want your kid to be tossing, turning, and fidgeting each night simply because his bed isn’t comfortable. It would definitely hinder the right amount and quality of sleep he needs. Innerspring mattresses pass these criteria good enough.

Is it really very important to choose your child’s mattress carefully? Yes, absolutely. Toddlers, in particular, have a rapidly growing spine. A growing spine is flexible enough to adapt to several stressors, yet vulnerable to deformities as well if it’s constantly experiencing too much stress and pressure. Letting your child lie on a bed that doesn’t give the right support to his spine for 10 hours each night puts his developing spine under stress. You wouldn’t want to risk it, right?

While some parents prefer buying a toddler bed when transitioning from cot bed, experts say that there’s actually no need for that. This is because your child will just outgrow it. FAST. After which, you have no choice but to purchase another bed—this time, a single, standard bed. Imagine how much you could’ve cut back on your expenses! So, just do away with toddler beds. It’s perfectly alright. On the other hand, parents should steer clear of bunk beds as much as possible. It’s not meant for young kids because if you take a look at it, obviously, it’s potentially unsafe.

How often should you change your child’s bed anyway? It is advised to change the mattress every three years for children’s beds whose ages fall under 0 to 10 years old. Meanwhile, between the ages of 10 and 20, it is recommended to change the mattress every five years.


Consider Your Child’s Other Health Issues

Asthma and allergy are common health issues among kids. Unfortunately, pillows and mattresses become a common breeding ground for dust mites. This is because dust mites love to thrive in a moist environment with lots of skin flakes shed and accumulated. Each night, body fluids such as sweat come out through our skin. Of course, this goes straight to the sheets, pillows, and the mattress itself.

So, when choosing a good mattress, find one that isn’t as susceptible to dust mites as the other options available. Also, wash your bed sheets, blanket, and pillowcases at least once a week. Here’s a question though: Should you make your bed first thing in the morning? Read this:


Parents want the best for their kids. It applies when you’re choosing your child’s bed, too. Make the right choice. Review the options carefully. Shop wisely.


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