1 Day 12 Pics – July 2018

I set alerts on my phone every month to remind me to take part in #1day12pics on Instagram. For some reason, the alerts haven’t been coming through and by the time I’ve remembered, it’s been too late!
Not this month, this month, July 2018, I set alarms instead of alerts and they worked!

1 Day 12 Pics – July 2018

9 am

July 1 day 12 pics number 1 - coffee mug, Harlan Coben book and painkillers

Coffee, a good book and strong painkillers for the slipped disc that happened yesterday 🙁#1day12pics

10 am

1 day 12 pics number 2 - watching Corrie

Catching up on Corrie while Ant’s taken Ella shopping for me 😊

11 am

1 day 12 pics number 3 - apples on the tree

The apple tree has loads of apples on it this year 

12 noon

1 day 12 pics number 4 - watching Scandal

We’re on season 4 of Scandal. Love it!

1 pm

1 day 12 pics number 5 playing Candy Crush jelly

Little bit addicted 

2 pm

1 day 12 pics number 6 - Nashville cd

I’m in the process of putting all my Nashville cds onto my laptop so I can get them on my phone. 4 down, only 6 more to go! #1day12pics “Nashville

3 pm

1 day 12 pics number 7 - garden pond

Ant topped the pond up with the last of the water from the water butt yesterday. I know everyone’s loving the weather but I hope it rains soon so the water butts fill up again!

4 pm

Ella in the car. We're on our way to a family party

On our way to Derbyshire to go to a family party 😊

5 pm

Filling up with petrol at Asda

Stopped to put petrol in then we’ll be on the road 

6 pm

Ella's new fan

Ella’s new fan from Nanny and Kellyann is very welcome in this heat! 😊 #1day12pics

7 pm

Ella and Keiron at the party July 2018

We’re at the party 

9.30 pm – I was enjoying myself at the party and forgot to take the last pic until we were on our way home!

On our way home to Lincoln

On our way home after a lovely evening in Derbyshire with family 

My last #1day12pics post

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