Making sure your living room is a happy space

Your living room is the space where you can rest and relax, it’s meant to be a happy space where you can gather together and spend time doing things you like, whether that’s reading, watching TV or playing games.

These are my tips for your ensuring that your living room is a happy space that you’ll want to spend time in.

Keep it clutter-free

When you spot something that’s not meant to be there, move it back to original ‘living spot’. It’s easier than letting just things pile up all week and having to move loads of different things on your cleaning day.

As you leave the living room, give it a quick scan and see if there’s anything that can be returned to its home.

Add a hint of colour

Certain colours can have an instantaneous effect on your mood and injecting some colour into your living room will definitely make you smile when you see it. Whether it’s just a small pop of colour via a new rug or cushions, a statement feature wall, or small trinkets, injecting a bit of colour into a room can give it a new lease of life.

Colours like yellow, green, blue, pink and red all work to lift your mood, so where you can inject these colours into the room, whether it’s something big or small pieces that will add vibrancy.

Add pops of colour to your living room

Give it some life with plants

Give your living room some life with the addition of plants as they’ll add vitality to the room. If you really are worried about killing them because you forget to water them, then choose low maintenance options like cacti or succulents. But if your living room doesn’t get much natural light either you could always go down the fake plant option. Ikea has some excellent fake plants like look incredibly life-like.

Indoor plants succulents and cactus

Update your living room scent

Scents can have a huge impact on your overall wellbeing, so as we’re in spring update your living room scent for something a little fresher and floral, this is great for instantly lifting the room. And every time you leave and come back in the beautiful scent will lift your spirits.

Make sure it’s intimate

You want your living to have an inviting and intimate feel to it, especially if you like entertaining with friends and family. The best way to add intimacy to the room is making sure it’s comfortable and cushions and lighting can have a big effect on this. Candles work great, but low-level lighting and small lightings like shelf lights or display lights can create a similar effect, check out to see more intimate lighting ideas.

Low level lighting

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