5 Tips For Finding The Best Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

As common as it is, sleeping on your stomach can bring about serious health issues especially with your back and neck. With the right pillow, however, you are guaranteed comfort and safety as far as your health is concerned. As a regular stomach sleeper, you may find yourself settling for the wrong kind of pillow over and over again because of simple important facts you keep on missing out. So, before you set out to go get a new pillow, here is a guide;



    Material matters


The kind of material, both the cover and fill plays a part in satisfying your specific needs. There are five different types of pillows for stomach sleepers and each of them come in different material offering different levels of comfort. For instance, sleeping on a feather pillow does not offer the same comfort as sleeping on a foam pillow. Again, the top texture of each pillow feels different as some of the pillows are overly soft, which you may or may not like. The kind of material will also determine the pillow’s durability. High-quality material will of course last longer than the vice versa.

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    Choose thin over thick


You are far more likely to wake up with a serious back or neck pain if you use one of those thick pillows while sleeping on your stomach. Thick pillows are most suitable for back and side sleepers, not stomach sleepers. If you use a thick pillow to sleep on your stomach, your head ends up being raised upward in a very awkward and unnatural position. This leaves you laying uncomfortable and hence straining your back and neck. This is why stomach sleepers need a flat pillow because you don’t need much support when laying on your stomach.



    Look for reviews


You might be considering buying your pillow on an online store. It is advisable you to carefully look at available online reviews for instance; best pillow for stomach sleepers. This way, you will get to know how efficient they are and also their cons. You will have specific needs so take keen of the reviews that address your needs in order to get a glimpse of exactly what you are to expect. Also, ask friends or family members who have used the same kind of pillows and hear what they have to say.

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    Try it out


There is no surest way to finding a pillow that best suits your needs than trying it out. This will, of course, be possible only if you are physically buying from the store. You will be able to rate its breathability and the comfort it comes with.



    Is it affordable for you?

Your choice may perfectly satisfy all your needs but its cost may be expensive than you had planned for. However, your budget should not be too low to compromise the other qualities you are looking for, but also it shouldn’t be unrealistically high. Look for the ones in your budget range and as long as they satisfy all your other requirements, you are good to go!

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