5 Things you should know about vaser liposuction

Vaser liposuction is a type of fat removal process that works by using ultrasound technology to contour the body precisely. If you’re new to this slimming procedure and want to learn more, you’re in the right place. This article will share 5 things you need to know about vaser liposuction: how it works, pros and cons, and how much it costs.


Vaser liposuction

  1. How does vaser liposuction work?

VASER is actually short for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. It uses ultrasound technology to deliver energy pulses that gradually break apart fat cells in the body. It’s minimally invasive being that it only uses a small probe to deliver the ultrasonic vibrations to the target area. Fatty tissues are then emulsified gently and is then removed through liposuction. There’s less recovery time for this type of procedure and there is not much postoperative pain.


  1. How is it different from other forms of liposuction?

There are many types of liposuction procedures out there, there’s regular liposuction, laser, cryolipolysis, and so on. It pays to know the difference between all of them, so that you know as a patient what your options are. What’s important to know about all these procedures is that they’re all the same. They’re all forms of liposuction, the only difference is the tool used. Vaser uses the tool VASER, which employs ultrasound technology to melt down fats. Cryolipolysis uses a coolsculpting machine to freeze fat cells until they disintegrate on their own. There are other forms of liposuction that is laser assisted, fluid assisted, vibration assisted, and so much more. It’s best to consult with a doctor to know which one’s best for you.


  1. Benefits of vaser liposuction

There are a lot of benefits to choosing vaser liposuction as a fat loss procedure. One is that it’s minimally invasive so it doesn’t damage the surrounding cells and tissues, and it leaves no scars on the patient’s skin. This also makes recovery time quicker than other procedures that take you further under the knife. Patients do not experience a lot of pain, and there’s very minimal swelling and soreness observed after the procedure. Having a low down time enables the patients to return to their regular activities in no time, instead of being confined for weeks. Sagging skin is also minimized using this procedure, so you get to achieve tighter and more toned looking skin.


  1. Disadvantages of vaser liposuction

One of the major disadvantages of vaser lipo is that it can get very costly if you decide to repeat the procedure. Per treatment, there’s only a limited amount of fat that could be taken out and to some, it doesn’t show any significant difference. This solution doesn’t guarantee immediate results as well, sometimes it could take months for the fat loss to be visible.


  1. How much does it cost?

Vaser liposuction costs generally depends on the clinic and the doctor employing the said procedure. But more importantly, it depends on how much fat is to be removed on the target area, as this would tell the amount of resources that will be used for the procedure. Another factor that dictates the price of the treatment would be the precision required, as there’s Vaser hi-def, Vaser 4D, etc. And then, the density of the surrounding tissues on the target area is also considered, as this would tell how fast the fat can be removed from a certain part. On the average, it would cost you $6,000 for a single treatment.

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